The Motherlode Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

Instance Breakdown

Instance Timer: 39 minutes
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Method Dungeon Tools Strings

Classic Path (pictured above)



  • Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler

    Did I capture his face in the picture below? Does he even have a face?

    Dungeon Journal+

    Static Pulse    AoE Magic Damage    Avoidance

    Shocking Claw    Magic Damage (Frontal Cone)    Debuff (Stun)    Dodgeable 

    Coin Magnet    Boss Buff (+dmg)


    You should know

    • Every Footbomb you kick back at the boss gives him a damage taken debuff. You therefore want to save your significant DPS cooldowns (including Heroism / Bloodlust) until he has three stacks. It’s a substantial increase so hold back as many as you can.
    • Obvious Dodge: Shocking Claw is a pretty straightforward frontal cleave ability with a cast time. It will stun or kill you so pay a little bit of attention to it.
    • Coin Magnet sucks up all coins in a 15 yard radius and the damage increase they give the boss applies to both his melee attack and all abilities. This can turn Static Pulse especially into an unavoidable cannon of an ability. You’ll avoid it by dragging the boss away from the coins. He stops to cast a lot so start moving early and make sure you don’t point him toward the party at any stage. The coins never disappear so it’ll turn the boss into a light DPS check.


  • Azerokk

    In my headcanon this is Rokmoras younger brother.

    Dungeon Journal+

    Azerite Infusion    Add Buff (+50% dmg, +150% dmg tkn)

    Tectonic Smash    Physical Damage (Frontal Cone)    Dodgeable

    Resonant Quake (Earthrager)    Physical Damage    Dodgeable

    Jagged Cut (Earthrager)    Physical Damage    Debuff (DoT, Stacks)


    You should know

    • This boss has one mechanic that you need to care about (ok two if you include his frontal cleave). The adds summoned will all fixate a random target. When they reach the person they’ll melee them and apply an incredibly dangerous bleed that stacks. Avoid this and the fight is won. You can CC them, you can run away and eventually you’ll kill them.
    • The Resonant Quake Earthrager cast looks much more dangerous than it actually is. When the boss casts Resonant Pulse they’ll all start AoE’ing but the trick here is that it has an incredibly small radius and you’re already running away from them. You can basically ignore the mechanic entirely so long as you aren’t standing directly on top of them.
    • The strategy here is to kill 1-2 of them so that you don’t spend the entire fight running away and then focus on Azerokk himself. The boss will also occasionally give one a buff that increases damage done by 50% and damage taken by 150%. Kill whichever one he “buffs” and continue hitting the boss. Take advantage of any multi-DoTs or cleave you have access to.


  • Rixxa Fluxflame

    Has the same voice actress as the Pegleg Partycrasher from Hearthstone. Also Mercy from Overwatch I guess.

    Dungeon Journal+

    Chemical Burn    Magic Damage    Debuff (Magic, DoT)

    Azerite Catalyst    Magic Damage    Dodgeable

    Propellant Blast    Magic Damage    Dodgeable


    You should know

    • The key to the fight is to overlap as much of the Azerite Catalyst as possible. Whenever she’s about to cast Azerite Catalyst you’ll rotate around to the biggest patch of the orange goo and keep it contained in one place. Then when she casts Propellant Blast you’ll stand in the same place and clear all of it at once.
    • This isn’t quite foolproof because the pipe above you will randomly spray out patches of its own but it should keep your platform pretty clear.
    • Chemical Burn will always go on the tank and one other player. It’s a dispellable Magic Debuff and the healer should dispel the non-tank target.
    • The tar deals significant damage. Don’t even think about going for a swim.
    • Tank: Most of its single target damage to you is Magic. Plan your defensives around it.


  • Mogul Razdunk

    The leader of the Venture Company that we’ve been battling since the game came out 12 years ago.

    Dungeon Journal+

    Phase 1

    Gatling Gun    Physical Damage    Dodgeable    Dangerous

    Homing Missile    Magic Damage    Debuff (Moderate DoT)

    Micro Missiles (BOOMBA)    Magic Damage    Dodgeable    Fatal


    Phase 2

    Drill Smash    Physical Damage    Avoidance    Partially Dodgeable

    Big Red Rocket    Magic Damage    Debuff (DoT)    Dodgeable

    Azerite Heartseeker (Venture Co. Skyscorcher)    Physical Damage    Debuff (-Healing taken)

    Concussion Charge (Venture Co. Skyscorcher)    Magic Damage    Dodgeable    Knock Back


    You should know

    • Let’s cover some basics first since getting them wrong can greatly increase the fights difficulty.
      • Homing Missile prefers ranged players. Run it out. You can technically avoid it entirely but only at great difficulty. If it just hits the person it’s fixated on then you’re winning.
      • Gatling Gun actually does incredibly high damage. You’ll quickly get to a key level where standing in the wrong place will be fatal. The Gatling Gun can rotate both clockwise and anti-clockwise.
      • In phase 2 you need to run the Drill Smash over the giant closets (they’re actually rockets… apparently). When the red arrow appears over your head you have very little time before the Drill comes down to stand close to one before the ability is cast.
    • You’ll have an easier time hard focusing on one add at a time in phase 2. They’re pretty dangerous and taking one out quickly greatly increases your odds of surviving the phase.
    • If one person is targeted by both Azerite Heartseekers at once then one must be intercepted by standing in between the mob and its target.
    • Healer: You’ll spend most of phase 1 DPS’ing and looking after the Homing Missile targets. In phase 2 you need to be immediately triaging anyone hit by Azerite Heartseeker. The combination of the Heartseeker and Drill Smash can be deadly. This is made more difficult by the healing debuff it applies. Your DPS should be using their defensive cooldowns here too and you can intercept the damage yourself if you’re feeling tanky (Druids are perfect here…. and everywhere).


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