The Underrot Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

Instance Breakdown

Instance Timer: 30 minutes
Average # Mobs per pack: Coming Soon



We're busting out invis pots early on this one. Clear the Fetid Maggot to the right. It'll do a cone AoE so don't stand in the direction of its mouth maw... thing. You can also clear the patrolling Chosen Blood Matron to make your invis potion a little cleaner. It'll leap to random players and cast a heavy frontal cone AoE. You MUST avoid it.
Keep running. You're skipping to the boss. Trust your potion to last long enough but don't lag behind.
Kill the boss and head down the path to the right.
The Underrot ticks are gross since they deal ultra high tank damage and explode on death. They suck twice as badly on Bursting, Explosive, Necrotic, Fortified and... they just suck ok. Hug the right instead and pull the Bloodswarmer / Maggot pack.

The Bloodswarmers will fixate random targets and spam out an interruptable silence. Kill them first. You'll recognise the Maggot from earlier and he's an easy kill so long as you don't stand in front of him.
Grab all three packs here. Probably not all at the same time unless you accidentally wiped three times to the last pack and are looking to make up time.

Key Interrupt or dispel (disease): Decaying Mind (Diseased Lasher, 30s stun)
Pull through every pack in Cragmaw's room, taking care to avoid the boss until they're all dead. They mostly pull in 1-2 mob packs so grab as many as you can take at once. Usually 3-4 mobs at a time.
The Reanimated Guardians will cast big shields on themselves. Purge them or use AoE CC to burn them down.

Key Interrupt or Soothe: Wicked Frenzy (Fallen Deathspeaker, +100% haste)
The red cloud will turn into a giant worm with a must-interrupt spell called Death Bolt. They spam cast it. You brought good interrupts though, right?

Another Key Interrupt: Withering Curse (Bloodsworn Defiler, +dmg taken, -dmg done). They'll also summon a little totem that you need to stay away from. It stuns within 6 yards. Don't bother killing it.
Have your interrupters roaring to go against the double defiler pack. Withering curse must be interrupted.
Skip the patrol to the left. You can skip the Corruptor in front of you by hugging right if you accidentally pulled trash elsewhere in the instance or if you didn't invis skip at the start. 

It will face a random player and cast Maddening Gaze - a line AoE that'll fear you into other packs. Dodge it. Dodge the various tentacles too. They telegraph their attacks with purple lines on the floor.
Kill the worm. Kill the Defiler. Kill the big AoE pack. Done.
- You'll only need the Corrupter and right-hand side worm but it can be safer to pull the one in the center as well - especially if you've still got plenty of time left on your key. Don't pull more than one worm at a time unless you have perfect interrupts.
The instance ends with a double Corrupter pack. That's twice as many fears to dodge but you've already had practice so I believe in you. This should get you to 100% but if you missed something then find another worm or two behind you. Get to 100% before you head down to the bosses room.

Method Dungeon Tools String




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