Nighthold Healer Trinkets

UPDATE: Blizzard have buffed three of the four Nighthold Trinkets. I have posted an update (with new numbers, and new verdicts) here. Additionally, you can find a breakdown on the Tomb of Sargeras trinkets here.


Nighthold offers some very interesting options for trinkets, and Healers are no exception. Normal mode trinket values will appear in blue, and Mythic trinket values will appear in green with Heroic falling somewhere in the middle. All numbers are based on PTR versions of items and could change. Let’s take a look:


Aluriel’s Mirror

Rating: C+
Drops from: Spellblade Aluriel

  • Three procs per minute.
  • The HoT effect alone offers ~3.8k to ~5.1k heals per second on average.
  • I have many questions about this trinket that may not be answered until live.
    • Can the detonate proc off HoTs?
    • Does it heal all allies? What’s the range?
    • After it detonates, is the HoT removed from the primary target?
  • Let’s be generous and assume that every HoT effect detonates and hits all allies in the raid.
    • The Mythic version of the trinket will detonate for 55523 to 19 allies. This is 55523 * 19 = 1,054,937 healing three times a minute.
    • We can then divide this total (3,164,811) by 60 to calculate the heals per second the trinket offers in this perfect scenario. 52,750!
    • Therefore the trinket could be very very potent (but this is not a realistic scenario).
  • Let’s look at something more realistic. What if the HoT effect detonates 50% of the time, and hits five nearby allies.
    • The Mythic version of the trinket will detonate for 55,523 to 5 allies. This is 55,523 * 5 = 277,615 healing three times a minute.
    • Now, the proc chance in this scenario is only 50% so we need to cut that number in half. We’re left with 138,808 healing three times a minute.
    • We can then divide this total (416,423) by 60 to calculate the heals per second the trinket offers in this realistic scenario. 6940 which we then add to the 5.1k heals per second the HoT effect itself is healing for to give us a total of ~12k heals per second. Very subpar.

Verdict: The jury is still out on this trinket but given it lacks passive intellect it’s going to need a very potent proc to reach viability. Proc based trinkets always feel a little bad as a healer unless the proc is particularly strong. This one almost certainly doesn’t reach a high enough standard.

Update: This is now been tested on live and we’re seeing very low overall numbers from it, even on stacked fights. 


Ephemeral Paradox

Rating: C.
Drops from: Grand Magistrix Elisande

  • Ephemeral Paradox only affects a single spell for each healing class and procs 1.2 times per minute:
    • Resto Druid: Healing Touch (1980 + 525695 mana per 5)
    • Discipline Priest: Shadow Mend (3080 + 525695 mana per 5)
    • Holy Priest: Heal (1870 + 525695 mana per 5)
    • Resto Shaman: Healing Wave (1980 + 525695 mana per 5)
    • Mistweaver Monk: Effuse (2200 + 525695 mana per 5)
    • Holy Paladin: Holy Light (2640 + 525695 mana per 5)
  • Particularly terrible for Resto Druids and Holy Priests since Healing Touch and Heal are barely worth casting even with the mana return.
  • Mana return numbers seem very low for a raid trinket. Pass on this one.

Verdict: Overall those are not impressive number for the trinket, and it falls behind the mana returned from Emerald Nightmare trinkets as well as Darkmoon Deck: Promises. The flat Intellect is impressive but it will still struggle to break into the top tier of trinkets until you can pick up the Mythic version.


Etraeus’ Celestial Map

Rating: A-
Drops from: Star Augur Etraeus

  • Two procs a minute for a ~26% uptime (before haste) on a miscellaneous secondary stat. Getting the stat you want is like getting a proc on a proc.
  • Worth 1394 to 1845 passive secondary stats, to accompany the Intellect. The three different stats seem to be equally likely.
  • Its value depends heavily on how close your secondary stats are to one another. If they are all even the proc is quite decent, but if you’re a Holy Paladin who gets little out of Haste then it’s probably not worth picking up.
  • The different buffs seem to be able to overlap.
  • A likely replacement for stat sticks (but you’ll still want a higher ilvl one) so long as the variance is not problematic to you.

Verdict: Random procs still feel bad as a healer, but the proc is reasonably strong if you benefit from all secondaries.


Perfectly Preserved Cake

Rating: B
Drops from: Trilliax

  • The on-use is worth ~1.1m to ~1.48m healing, which is 9.3k12.3k healing per second. Since it’s an on-use effect you can use it to preemptively protect the raid from burst mechanics.
  • This is basically a new version of the old priest Lightwell, and no matter how good the trinket is you may struggle to get full use out of it. Your raid has just a 12 second window to eat the cake (by standing within 10 yards).
  • This problem only gets worse when you consider multiple healers trying to use the trinket.
  • For me, the proc just isn’t anywhere near strong enough to justify distracting your raid. It’s good fun though!

Verdict: It’s not good. Absorbs are the best kind of heal, but the numbers are a too low to compete with high end pre-Night Hold trinkets and good luck getting all of your DPS to walk next to it.


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  1. Mo says:

    Liking the analysis of trinkets. I heard that Aluriel’s mirror proc heal detonation doesn’t proc from HoTs, that was a while pack in PTR though, they may have changed it.

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