Resto Druid Legendaries – Shadowlands Preview

Last Updated: 15 September

One of Shadowlands major features is the addition of craftable legendaries using mats pulled from the depths of Torghast. This time around you only get to wear one at a time. We don’t have precise details on how long they’ll take to craft just yet but given the large power increases they offer you can expect your first few decisions to be impactful. We discuss each in some detail below. In addition to the Druid legendaries listed we can pick one of several “neutral” legendaries that are available to all classes. Those appear to be a bit weaker in general but will be covered closer to launch in a separate article.

  • There are multiple assumptions included above that are discussed in individual sections below. Most are best case scenarios and may not reflect the performance you’re able to pull from them in a live raid. Remember too that raw spell power or HPS is not the only factor when it comes to choosing a legendary.
  • The precise value of a “mastery stack” can be analyzed at different mastery levels but is left as a raw component for now.
  • Further tuning is still coming so expect things to change before the expansion goes live. Don’t get your shopping list ready quite yet.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the slot itself could be important too if legendaries end up similar in power. Legendaries are higher ilvl than other available gear (a little murky on Beta right now but should be true of live) which means that one available on a Chest or Helm slot will offer more stats than one that can only be crafted on belt / bracers for example.


Oath of the Elder Druid

Ekowraith 2.0


  • Available Slots: Wrist, Ring
  • Pattern drops from: PVP Honor Vendor
  • Preliminary Rankings: C (Raid) / B (Mythic+ – mostly owing to its HotW bonus)
  • You don’t need to be talented into Heart of the Wild to get the bonus.

In raid we’re looking at +4.5% damage reduction from Guardian Affinity and about 2-2.5% healing from the Ysera’s Gift increase. It also turns Bear Form into an even chunkier defensive once per minute through Heart of the Wilds 20% stamina increase. An all-inclusive package, but it’s an incredibly defensive one too on a spec already loaded with survivability. The throughput portion also scales poorly with raid burst damage since Ysera’s Gift does a very consistent amount of healing. Ultimately this isn’t good for throughput and you’re unlikely to value it as part of your top three.

In Mythic+ you’ll be running Feral Affinity instead (with a chance Balance Affinity sneaks in too depending on tuning). The Ysera’s boost is mediocre to poor here, and the movement speed or range increases are very minor boons. We are more interested in the Heart of the Wild portion. As a reminder, Feral Affinity Heart of the Wild gives us a 30% damage increase (plus a few bonus combo points) while Balance Affinity offers a 30% damage increase and instant Starsurges. If we can make frequent use of the bonus as it comes off cooldown we’re looking at a 5-6% DPS increase. I think we’ll find we can get better elsewhere but full damage analysis will be done closer to release.

Overall this is a very “jack of all trades” legendary and like it’s Legion counterpart it’s unlikely to be best in slot anywhere. Merely “capable” whatever you’re doing. It just saw some nerfs too so it’s probably unlikely to get tuned to a spot where we use it as Resto.


The Dark Titans Lesson


  • Slots: Neck, Cape
  • Pattern drops from: Lord Chamberlain (Halls of Atonement dungeon)
  • Preliminary Ranking: A (Raid) / A (Mythic+)
  • Full synergy with Photosynthesis.

Double Lifebloom isn’t necessarily broken by design, but when combined with the high tuning on the extra bloom healing and the ridiculous synergy with Photosynthesis it becomes rather overtuned. Let’s look at what an extra Lifebloom buys you, so that we can evaluate this properly:

With Flourish this is a competitive choice – especially early in the expansion. With Photosynthesis it becomes a powerful, unrivaled pick. The ability to function under both talents makes this a versatile choice that was only lightly touched by the recent nerfs.


Verdant Infusion

“Swiftmend HoT Extender”


  • Slots: Shoulders, Hands
  • Pattern drops from: Oranomonos (World Boss)
  • Preliminary Ranking: A (Raid) / B+ (M+)
  • The target of your Swiftmend does still require a HoT on them for the cast – even though it won’t be subsequently removed.
  • Swiftmend cast as part of Convoke the Spirits do not extend any HoTs, nor do they have any other synergy with this item.

These are great in that they provide incredibly competitive healing in a niche. These are the benefits we’re looking at:

  • Swiftmend no longer consumes a HoT, reversing what has not been a particularly popular change to the spell.
  • You can extend Cenarion Ward twice during its duration, multiplying its value by 350%.

Numerically this is an incredibly strong item and it provides more raw healing than every alternative except for the double Lifebloom legendary above. This might, however, be a case where the practical application ends up weaker than on paper.

To extend a Cenarion Ward twice you need to cast Swiftmend near on cooldown, if you do that it no longer syncs with the cooldown of Wild Growth. You end up holding Wild Growth for five seconds. Not necessarily a death sentence but it’s noteworthy. The legendary also gets most of its value from extending Cenarion Ward so if you’re forced to Swiftmend someone else then its value drops substantially. It’s also rather limited in the type of healing provided, though sustained single target healing is often not a bad niche for the first tier.


Lycara’s Fleeting Glimpse

“Auto-Wild Growth”


  • Slots: Waist, Boots
  • Pattern drops from: Mordretha (Theater of Pain)
  • Preliminary Ranking: A- (Raid) / B+ (Mythic+)
  • Resets at the start of every raid boss fight. First cast is 45 seconds in, rather than on pull like some similar effects.

A little boring and a little uncontrollable but fine on paper. Your decision making here is which form to be in when your free spell pops and you’ll have a weak aura to aid your timing. In raid it will be a rather straightforward decision most of the time. Stampeding Roar is fantastic but travel form is only rarely available; free DPS from Primal Wrath / Starfall is fine if non-burst AoE is good for a fight or when nothing else is going on but Wild Growth is going to be our bread and butter.

Weaker than our single target choices in net throughput but a current champion when it comes to sustained AoE. Thankfully large swathes of the raid have some kind of ticking damage, similar to Ny’alotha, so it should be quite difficult to waste any free casts too. It’s tough to properly evaluate the healing challenges of Castle Nathria this soon but if efficiency is worth a premium then this could definitely see use. On the other hand if short periods of burst damage are the bigger threat then these won’t be quite as good.

In Mythic+ this item is likely to be evaluated primarily by its DPS value. A free Primal Wrath or Starfall is much more powerful in a dungeon environment and you’re much more likely to be outside where Stampeding Roar adds further powerful utility. I don’t have any napkin damage calculations yet but we’ll make sure you’re sorted closer to expansion launch.


Vision of Unending Growth

“Rejuv Spreader, Tier 19 Redux”


  • Slots: Helm, Boots
  • Pattern drops from: Currently unknown
  • Preliminary Ranking: B (Raid) / D (Mythic+)
  • Rejuvenation HoTs spread by the item don’t remove the rejuv that procced the spread.

This is going to be a good item, eventually. It requires a bit of Haste to properly enable the spread and we tend to start each expansion with very little of it. Back in Legion we had the same effect for a tier and it was very very strong but it had the support of other effects that greatly increased the duration of our rejuvenation buffs. It’s looking quite likely that we will have none of that in Shadowlands (though Convoke itself does offer a few free casts). With what we currently know I’d expect you to pick this up after you already have a few other legendaries. It should come into the picture when we’re able to comfortably reach 25%+ haste.

The % increase represents the net increase to your total rejuvenation healing.

This won’t see any play in Mythic+. You just have too few average rejuvs out at any given moment.


Circle of Life and Death

“Speedy DoTs / HoTs”


  • Slots: Helm, Shoulders
  • Pattern drops from: Stone Legion Generals (Raid, second to last boss)
  • Preliminary Ranking: C (Raid) / A (Mythic+)
  • In the current Beta build these do also reduce the duration of each HoT or DoT.
  • The increased speed effect is separate from Haste and the two scale together multiplicatively.

In raid this is likely to be a non-starter for at least the first tier, if not the entire expansion. The first raid of every expansion usually has a large focus on mana efficiency since our pools are effectively smaller without the tools we’re later given and tanks are rarely as able to look after themselves. This legendary offers no real efficiency increase and 15% faster HoTs is not a large enough increase to our burst healing to justify its slot. You might pick it up a little later for specific fights once you have a larger collection.

In Mythic+ on the other hand this should prove powerful. Efficiency is of lower value, Rake / Sunfire / Moonfire make up a large portion of our damage and a 25% increase to their damage is significant. It’ll need some more field testing to see if we can spare the extra GCDs with lower haste, and from a healing perspective it’ll see tough competition from the double lifebloom legendary but this could be ok in dungeons.


Memory of the Mother Tree

Free HoTs, but in a bad way


  • Slots: Legs, Wrist
  • Pattern drops from: Inerva Darkvein (Raid)
  • Preliminary Ranking: F–
  • Doesn’t use Deck RNG. You can happily proc it five times in a row or get nothing for ten consecutive casts.
  • Does copy the Regrowth initial heal as well as the HoT.
  • Each copied spell crits independently.
  • Soul of the Forest only applies to the initial cast, not to the copies.

This one probably needs a complete rework. It has a high variance, its average throughput is bottom of the barrel, and it fills much the same role as the legendaries above it – just in a worse format. If it has to stay then it needs a serious power increase.


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  1. Dustin says:

    Curious if Rejuv spreader synergizes with Germination.

    • Voulk says:

      The gap between Germination and Flourish just tends to be too large for minor synergies to close it. Spreading rejuvs also has some solid synergy with Flourish. Germination was honestly a talent I thought they should have looked at.

  2. Owul says:

    Are any of the neutral legendaries (sephuz et al) worth considering?

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