Questionably Epic: Now in Addon Form

You can pick up the addon at this link: It is also available through the Twitch client (QE Mythic+ Dungeon Tips) and at leading retailers everywhere. Version 3 is now live, complete with separate QE frame if you don’t like tooltips.


You have the QE written guide, the QE beach towel and the QE action figure. Now pick up QE M+ dungeon tips addon. Reading through the M+ Compendium is the best way of learning each dungeon but it’s a lot of information and can be easily forgotten with the keystone timer glaring down at you from above. The new addon displays useful information inside mob tooltips – never again forget which Moroes dinner guest does what or which spells are priority interrupts. As a beginner it will hold your hand through your first few dungeon runs; if you’re closer to intermediate, use it to tell similar mobs apart and perfect your dungeon performance.

The addon automatically adjusts to whatever role you are playing. Are you the next big thing in tanking? You will see tank specific stuff like when to face mobs away from the party or deadly mechanics that require a cooldown. Prefer healing your team through the 6847th fire they stood in just this week? You will see healer specific tips like which debuffs you need to dispel and mobs or bosses you will need your big healing cooldowns for. You will always see key bits of information, no matter your role, like:

  • Stuff you need to dodge
  • Mobs you should skip entirely
  • Must interrupt spells
  • Mechanics requiring defensive cooldowns
  • What to CC and when


All legion dungeons are included and a fully functional BFA version will be available before the expansion goes live to give you a huge head start on the new content. Become the expert that fills your group in on all the mechanics they have been slacking on. Lead.

3 responses to “Questionably Epic: Now in Addon Form”

  1. JH says:

    Love the addon. As someone who only casually does mythic +, and never higher than 15s this is blessing.

    Thanks for the hard work.

  2. Laini says:

    Even as someone who does do a lot of M+ this is super useful, saves a lot of alt-tabbing 😛
    Many thanks for it!

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