Mistweaver Monk Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to a lot of frequently asked questions in the Mistweaver Monk community, updated for patch 8.1.5. Grab a coffee and piece of toast and we’ll get you up to date.


How is Bonded Souls after the nerf?

Our lord and savior has been brought back to the rest of the pack. It’s still good, particularly if it’s your first or on a fight with heavy persistent damage like Jaina, but you’re not looking to stack multiple anymore. Aim to run with one of them. You can compare your gear in QE Live which is up to date with the patch.


How strong are the new races? Is it worth swapping to Zandalari or Kul Tiran?

There isn’t a large difference between any of the monk races and you should only race change if you like the aesthetics. You’re not going to be happy with that answer alone, so let’s compare numbers. All values are in HPS.

Stat Line: 5% Vers, 25% Crit, 10% Haste, 9000 intellect

I used my own stat line and weights for these so yours will vary slightly but it should show how close together they all are. The Zandalari Regeneratin’ racial isn’t included but it’s been hit by the nerf bat so many times on the PTR that there are only rare scenarios where you’d get any value from it. Berzerking and Blood Fury are slightly under valued here since in reality you’ll pop them during periods of high damage but they still aren’t particularly good for Mistweaver.


What class changes did we get in 8.1.5?

There was a neat bugfix to Mystic Touch. That’s it. Huge patch.


Which talents should I use?

You can get the full talent breakdown here but those looking for a quick answer will have reasonable success with:


You can swap out Mana Tea and Chi Burst for Lifecycles and Mist Wrap if your tank is taking a pounding but you need many Enveloping Mists casts before they start to pull equal.


What Azerite Traits should I be wearing this patch?

I’m going to strongly recommend the Azerite Trait page so you can read through a full, detailed list but the quick version is:

For Battle for Dazar’alor: One Font of Life, One or Two Treacherous Covenant and then other powerful traits like Bonded Souls, Uplifted Spirits, Secret Infusion and stat procs.

For dungeons: Treacherous Covenant is good with decent play, as are Secret Infusion, Uplifted Spirits and Blightborne Infusion. No trait is so dominant that you should seek it out specifically.

You can compare the azerite pieces you own in QE Live. It’ll use your logs (or a large default set) to tell you which combo is best for your gameplay and stat distribution.


How good are the BoD Raid Traits?

Treacherous Covenant is a powerhouse, Bonded Souls is good but falls off as you get more of them, and Seductive Power is weak and annoying.


What trinkets should I use?

There is a full trinket tier list here and you can read about BoD specific trinkets here. The Alchemist Stone is a lock in for one slot and Ward of Envelopment and Mirror of Entwined Fate both compete well for your second. As with Azerite you can run your trinkets through QE Live to get a proper assessment.


What raid frame is best? Do I need to update anything for the new raid?

Grid2, Vuhdo and ElvUI are the top 3 raid frames. BDGrid is a newer model that’s starting to gain a little traction if you wanted to check it out. The default blizzard raid frames are usable but inferior in several ways to the four listed above. QE has premade Grid2 profiles here. They are updated for the patch. Make sure your Grid2 is up to date.


 What are the current Mistweaver stat weights? Have they changed?

There are actually no default Mistweaver Monk stat weights and I’ll explain to you why before you ask me for a Pawn string.

  • First of all, we have no dominant stat like some other specs might. Crit, Vers and Mastery are all fantastic stats for us and even Haste isn’t miles behind.
  • We tend to want more of the stat that we have the least of which is the opposite of what Pawn will try and do for you.
  • Gear with higher ilvl offers more total stats, and the big slathering of intellect you get from an item level upgrade is almost always enough to push it ahead.

This makes it easy to gear up. You can do very well by just equipping your highest ilvl pieces regardless of secondary stats. On rings you can take a 5-10 item level hit for a big Mastery / Crit allocation but you’re looking at 0.01% difference in throughput. If you are looking to really min-max then the best choice is:

More on stats here.

Which weapon enchant should I be using?

Deadly Navigation is a strong general purpose weapon enchant. It’s strong in raid, strong while healing dungeons and strong while kicking your way to a decent DPS contribution. Mastery Navigation will provide more raw HPS in dungeons and Mythic+ if you’re struggling. The Coastal Surge HoT is a little unreliable and doesn’t scale that well with incoming damage so you can give it a miss. You’ll also want a couple of ring enchants – Crit and Mastery are again solid in almost all situations. There are no neck or cape enchants this expansion.


How good is Seabreeze?

Seabreeze exchanges flat secondary stats for a large haste proc. It… isn’t good. The uptime on the proc is poor and unreliable, Haste is our weakest secondary stat and it actually averages to less than a normal weapon. That said, the int scaling on weapons is pretty big and if the staff is a 10 item level or higher upgrade for you then strap it on.



Need more info? Check out the Azerite section of the guide next