Shrine of the Storm Mythic+ Guide

Instance Breakdown

Instance Timer: 39 minutes
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Method Dungeon Tools Strings

Classic Path (pictured above)
Newbie Path (no invis pots or big skips)
Advanced Path (requires battle res / Shadowmeld and a Rogue)



  • Aqu’sirr

    A literal mythical being called to defend the shrine. Yet, easier than half the trash in the instance.

    Dungeon Journal+

    Sea Blast Magic Damage Only cast when nobody in melee range

    Choking Brine Magic Damage Debuff (Magic, Moderate DoT) 

    Surging Rush Magic Damage Dodgeable Fatal

    Grasp from the Depths Magic Damage Debuff (Undispellable, Light DoT)

    Undertow Magic Damage Channel Uninterruptible Random Target

    Erupting Waters Boss splits into three


    You should know

    • Surging Rush targets a random direction and after a long four second cast he’ll quickly murder anyone in his way. Rotate around the boss during the cast. He sometimes hits the space directly behind him as he charges so just take a step backwards. It’s a very easy mechanic, but it can sometimes sneak up on you. You can make a very loud weak aura to track it if it gives you trouble.
    • When an ally is gripped by the Grasp of the Depths you’ll release them by cleaving the tentacles down. They have very little health. Several classes can get out for free by shapeshifting, blinking or casting Blessing of Freedom.
    • Dispel: Choking Brine. Upon dispel it’ll form little blue circles around the character. You can run out before you get dispelled to avoid the possibility that anyone gets hit but it’s more DPS efficient to just dodge it.
    • At 50% life the boss will split into three baby Aqu’sirrs. This is where the Surging Rush becomes particularly dangerous because you’re focusing on three at a time. Make your weak aura louder still, and prioritize movement over all else.


  • Tidesage Council

    “One interrupt please”

    Dungeon Journal+

    Galecaller Faye

    Swiftness Ward Ground Effect +25% haste for all allies and enemies inside

    Blessing of the Tempest Boss Buff (tornadoes created when interrupted)

    Slicing Blast AoE Magic Damage Avoidance Debuff (+Nature damage taken)


    Brother Ironhull

    Reinforcing Ward Ground Effect -75% damage taken for allies and enemies inside

    Blessing of Ironsides Boss Buff (+100% damage, -50% movement speed)

    Hindering Cleave Physical Damage Dodgeable Debuff (-70% movement speed)


    The Basics

    • Whenever Faye finishes a Slicing Blast cast you’ll all get a debuff that increases your nature damage taken by 15%. It stacks and can only be removed by standing in the large Reinforcing Wards summoned by Brother Ironhull. You’ll want to stand all of these since not only does it remove your stacks but it also prevents you from gaining any new ones while you’re in it. That means you don’t have to interrupt casts while it’s active.
    • Brother Ironhull has a huge frontal cleave. The tank should take care to face him away from the party. He won’t move once he starts the cast so the tank themselves can sidestep it.
    • Interrupting Faye while she has Blessing of the Tempest active will spawn dangerous tornados. It’s inevitable that you’ll need to spawn some so you’ll need to dodge them.
    • Tank: During Blessing of Ironsides you need to kite the boss. He’ll have a 50% slow and you can use any mobility cooldowns you have to make it easier.’
    • Stand in the Swiftness Ward for 25% extra haste. Nice. 


    Boss Strategy

    • This is a rough fight even when performed correctly and there are a lot of “bad” strategies that are going to land you in the pond pretty quickly so let’s look at how this fight should be done.
    • Face Ironhull away from the party but keep both bosses on top of each other. You need to maximise your cleave damage.
    • You’re killing Galecaller Faye first. Cleave and multi-DoT but your focus stays on Faye.
    • Communicate your interrupts. With a double melee comp you are able to get every single Slicing Blast. If you’re running just one melee then let through any Slicing Blast cast while Blessing of the Tempest or Blessing of Ironsides are active. If you have no melee then… select a different key to run.


  • Lord Stormsong

    “One MC break please”

    Dungeon Journal+

    Void Bolt ST Magic Damage Interruptable 

    Mind Rend Magic Damage Debuff (Magic, Moderate DoT)

    Ancient Mindbender Debuff (Mind Control, Broken with damage)


    You should know

    • There is honestly very little to this boss. It’s strategically very simple, though mistakes will be punished heavily.
    • If you’re MC’d: Eat all the balls. If you’re not MC’d: Eat no balls.
    • You’ll need to DPS the first person to get mind controlled. There aren’t many balls out for the first one. Add a little to subsequent MC’s as well. If you don’t get them out within 20 seconds it’s permanent. Any DoT’s you drop on them persist after they break out and your healer is already using their dispel on this fight. A Moonfire is fine but loading them up with every DoT you have isn’t.
    • Healer: Mind Rend does massive up front damage and then a smaller but less significant DoT. You are always better off dispelling before you start healing them. Once dispelled they shouldn’t take any immediate damage so you can heal them back up at your leisure.
    • Tank: Most of the bosses damage is Magic. It isn’t too much and you’ll mostly be the only one taking damage so you’ll get good healer focus (unless you see them in Cat Form).


  • Vol’zith the Whisperer

    Your healers chance to top DPS. Catweave Ethan, CATWEAVE. 

    Dungeon Journal+

    Whispers of Power Debuff (+damage +healing -max health)

    Yawning Gate Magic Damage Ground Effect Silence Effect

    Call the Abyss Summons Adds

    Tentacle Slam Magic Damage Dodgeable

    Consume Essence (Forgotten Denizen) AoE Magic Damage Interruptable Dangerous


    You should know

    • Avoid the purple tentacles. They deal significant damage.
    • The boss will send you to the shadow sunken realm when he reaches 100 energy. He gains energy over time and whenever an add hits the boss (which we’re not going to let happen). The boss starts with his energy bar a little over half full so your first will occur more quickly than the rest.
      • First banishment: 20 seconds into the fight.
      • Subsequent banishments: ~60 seconds once you interrupt his Grasp of the Sunken City cast.
      • With a fully stacked Whispers of Power buff you should aim to kill him after your first banishment and getting sent down a second time will greatly hurt your chances at timing a high key.
    • Starting after your first trip below the boss will summon five small Manifestation adds. They don’t have an aggro table and will walk toward the boss. If you kill them, or they reach the boss, then they’ll explode. This will lightly burn your DPS and insta-kill your 10 stack healer.


    Key Mechanic: Whispers of Power

    • Whispers of Power is now healer-only as of Season 2. It’s a stacking damage buff that also reduces max health. This is a great mechanic because it lets your healer choose what level of risk they’re willing to accept for greatly increased damage / healing throughput. On high keys you’re definitely letting it stack to ten and keeping it there but on lower keys you can decide how you want to play it.
    • We’re going to assume from here on that you’re brave and the right amount of crazy. You have ten stacks. This is what will now one shot you:
      • Tentacles that spawn from the floor. They have a glowing purple “hit zone” that lasts for a few seconds before they slam down.
      • A single Manifestation of the Deep add reaching the boss or dying (they deal party wide AoE in both cases).
      • A Consume Essence cast finishing while you’re in the same realm as the DPS. It won’t hurt you if you’re still chipping away at your add in the other sunken realm.
      • Standing in the large black Yawning Gate circles.
    • Affix notes: Whispers of Power no longer interacts poorly with Grievous, Quaking or Bursting (if you’re pulling trash with the boss for some reason).



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