Shrine of the Storm Mythic+ Guide

Instance Breakdown

Instance Timer: 39 minutes
Average # Mobs per pack: Coming Soon



Wait until the Templar pats toward you or just grab both packs of initiates and pop a minor tank cooldown (NOT RECOMMENDED ON BURSTING. DON'T GET ANY IDEAS).

The Templar has a frontal cleave and you should purge or spellsteal their Tidal Surge cast.
The Attendants are a bit like my little brother - harmless but a bit annoying. Move out of the blue swirls and AoE them down with the Animated Droplets.
The Spiritualists are ultra dangerous mobs that have a potent heal cast that must be interrupted or purged at all times (it's a hot). Don't pull more than you can interrupt.
The Living Current will cast Rising Tides, a big knockup / stun that can be line of sighted.
Remember to interrupt the Mending Rapids cast. You can pull the second set of twelve droplets if it's not bursting / bolstering.
Key Interrupt: Tempest (Or just dodge the tornadoes)

Miniboss: Windspeaker Heldis
Stand in the haste zone she summons. Make sure you drag the boss out of the zone so that she doesn't get the buff herself. You can't do anything about her Gale Winds cast except heal through it. It shouldn't be too much of a bother.

You can hypothetically drag her with you to abuse the haste buff on later trash. This has the downside of preventing your healer from drinking so consider it carefully.
The Ironhull apprentices have a frontal cleave and a self-buff that makes them move slowly but deal double damage. You'll want to kite them during Fortified weeks (or the tank can stand in the damage reduction rune mentioned below). 

Miniboss: Runecarver Sorn
DPS. Healers. Stand in the giant damage reduction rune at all times. The boss will channel a ridiculous single target nuke on a random target. If you're in the rune you'll live, if not you'll need a res. There is no downside to standing in the rune for the entire fight. The tank should make sure the miniboss and associated trash are not standing in the rune.
Miniboss: Guardian Elemental
The Mariner of BFA. Deals heavy persistent AoE damage to all party members. Use your defensives. Make it easier on your healer. Will also cast a nasty magic debuff that must be immediately dispelled.
The initiates aren't very dangerous but the mob density here is high. Use your own judgement but given the high number of casters you probably don't want more than two packs at a time.
Key Interrupt: Unending Darkness (Deepsea Ritualist, heavy AoE + inc shad dmg taken). 

Purge / Mass Dispel the shields off the skeletons if available but you really have no excuse here for letting an Unending Darkness cast go through. It will kill you. You will wipe. Your pug hunter will randomly leave the key.
Another Deepsea Ritualist, another chance for perfect interrupts on Unending Darkness. I can give you a second to bind your interrupt if you need it. I'll wait. 

The Tidesage Enforcers toss blue swirls all over the platform. Very dangerous if you get hit, but you won't. I believe in you.
The Abyss Dwellers will summon tentacles all over the place for you to AoE down. They're otherwise not particularly dangerous.
You're going to invis pot or shroud here and skip every trash mob on the bridge. It's slow to kill, dangerous and we don't need it for trash percentage.
This isn't too tight an invis pot timer, but hang to the left since that's the door you'll be entering at the end.
AoE down one side. Have one party member run to the boss to start the RP since it's pretty long and you'll want to minimize time you spend waiting around.
You can pull the eels to the shore so you don't have to fight them underwater. They don't do anything interesting. Just keep the tank alive and use your AoE CC.
Assign one interrupt to each Forgotten Denizen. If they complete their cast they'll heal to full and deal AoE damage. The heal to full is really bad when you probably only have 3-4 minutes left on your key timer.

The sunken denizen moves slowly but hits the tank really really hard. In most cases you'll just stand and tank it to keep it in cleave range but kiting is an option if it's a high key.

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