Mythic+ Affixes

Level 4 Affixes

  • Has a 30 yard range. If you CC mobs in a pack you should pull back the others at least that far.
  • The HP buff applies to the mobs current health, not maximum. Therefore if a trash mob is at 10% life, they will gain just 2% of their maximum health from each stack.
  • Beware packs that have mobs of various HP’s. These cannot be AoE’d down evenly (an example is the Murloc Skulker pack in Eye of Azshara). You really want to prevent creating a 200m HP mega trash mob here.
  • Bolster is removed when mobs reset (if you wipe).
  • You can mind control a mob at the start of the pull to avoid all Bolster stacks on that enemy. This is very useful when a high HP mob is accompanied by several paper-thin buddies.


  • You can no longer remove your gear after combat to reduce the effectiveness of Bursting.
  • Don’t stagger kills. Dealing with high stacks isn’t too dangerous until you force your healer to heal through 7 stacks, then 8, then 9.
  • You cannot out range or line of sight the debuff.
  • There’s no big secret to this one. You just need the DPS control to batch your kills into sets of 4 or 5.


  • This applies to all non-boss enemies, including mini-bosses which makes some of them incredibly dangerous.
  • Particularly dangerous mobs are highlighted during the trash paths.
  • Save the diminishing returns on your stuns for when the mobs reach 30% life and then kill them before they can act. Be very careful enraging more than one mob at a time.


  • Heals enemies for 5% Max HP per second, and damages players for 15% Max HP per second. Sanguine pools stack on top of one another and if you stand in a deep pool you might find yourself dead very quickly.
  • Pay careful attention to mobs that aren’t easily moved. You don’t want to drop a pool underneath them.


  • Teeming reduces the trash value of every mob in the instance by the following amounts:
    • Cathedral: 9%
    • EoA: 15%
    • Arcway, Upper Kara: 16%
    • The rest: 17%
  • It also adds mobs to random packs which partially makes up for the decrease but you’ll still need to pull more packs than you usually would.


Level 7 Affixes

  • The cast time of the explosion is six seconds.
  • Explosive damage is reduced by Avoidance gear (though it’s rarely worth stacking it since we’re killing the orbs yes?). Damage does not scale with instance level and is always fixed to 50% of your max HP before avoidance / versatility reductions.
  • Orbs have about 104,000 base HP but benefit from the M+ health multipliers. At M+10 that’s about 250,000 each – more on Fortified.
  • The following weak aura will show you how many explosive orbs are currently up: 
  • Immune to AoE damage and targeting macros.
  • You can line of site orbs to avoid all damage.
  • The number of orbs that spawn increases with the number of mobs you’re fighting.


  • When afflicted, party members will take 2.5% of their max HP every 3 seconds per stack. This is 12.5% at maximum stacks.
  • While out of combat, stacks will stop accumulating though you’ll still need to heal through any previously gained stacks.
  • Fighter Chow will heal a reasonably geared character for about 138,000 extra every 2 seconds while out of combat. Run this on all five party members to help clear Grievous quickly when combat is over. Reducing downtime between pulls is usually a much bigger time saver than whatever 500 primary stats will give you.


  • Consider running with a non-tank taunt in your party for high keys. Use it to kite bosses and give the tank a chance to clear stacks.
  • Leech is no longer an effective Necrotic counter.


  • Quaking deals damage equal to 20% of each players maximum HP to everyone in an 8 yard radius.
  • Occurs both in and out of combat. No longer continues after the instance is complete.
  • This weak aura can help you time your spells: to minimize the disruption.


  • Tanks generate 75% less threat.
  • Consider marking a skull for your group to focus first, since it’s easier for a tank to handle one mob with dodgy threat as opposed to a full group.
  • Multiple tank strategies are not recommended.


  • The damage is equal to 50% of your max HP and does not scale up with the keys difficulty.
  • They take about 1.5 seconds to erupt after appearing under your feet.


Level 10 Affixes

  • Fortified is the easier affix for high key pushes since Tyrannical bosses start one shotting you.


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