Eye of Azshara Mythic+ Guide

Instance Breakdown

Recommended Comp for high keys: It’s useful to have a few interrupts for the Hatecoil Arcanists but it’s not essential. AoE DPS is particularly strong in Eye of Azshara, as are executes (for the final boss).
Instance Timer: 35:00
Average # Mobs per pack: 3.5



Click the arrows to navigate through the trash path.

Open with the Stormweaver / Warrior pack. The turtle is an optional pull, you'll need it to hit 100% using this path however it can be substituted for a snail later in the instance if you think your party is likely to pull one. Interrupt the Stormweavers Storm and Arc Lightning casts (especially on Fortified). The warriors cleave so face them away from the party.

The second pack is exactly the same and can be pulled with the first if you have some decent AoE stuns (and there's no Bolster in play). 

Finally, pick up the Hatecoil Crusher. These guys are much less scary than they look and aside from interrupting Mighty Slam can pretty much be ignored. Poor little guy.
The Stormweaver is joined by an Oracle this time who will occasionally try and heal. You should interrupt it. It'll also throw out Arcane Bolts which aren't too dangerous.

The second pull features two warriors and an Oracle. Face the warriors away from the party to avoid the cleave and don't let a heal off.
The Arcanist will patrol up and down the path. She can be taken alone or with the pack of Droplets since we want to kill both. Arcane Rebound gets interrupt priority, and you'll want to either interrupt or dispel Polymorph: Fish (trust me, DPS get really angry if forced to flop around for 8 seconds).
The two Droplet packs can be pulled together and aren't at all dangerous. Dispel the slow when finished so that you can move on to the second Arcanist. Killing it will unlock the second boss and we're going to kill Lady Hatecoil next.
Pick up the five crabs and six droplets and let your AoE DPS go wild. The crabs stack up a nasty DoT so your tank might want to start kiting (but not into the lightning strikes!)
You have a lot of choices in which packs you pull here and the strength of your AoE DPS vs Single Target will come into the equation. You need to clear anything that patrols near the boss to avoid an accidental pull and then a few of the mobs around the fringe for percentage.

The Hydra's can be pretty dangerous and Roiling Storm will outright one shot you on high keys. They also have a mean Tail Whip so don't stand behind them.

Seagull tip: If you immobilize them (like with Entangling Roots) then they'll fly away when the CC ends. Fly birdy, fly!   This was fixed / removed in 7.3. I fear a seagull has infiltrated the Blizzard development team.
Our little red crab friend at the front of the picture here has an array of nasty sand-based attacks. Spray Sand is the most vicious of the set and anyone caught in its cone will be quickly extinguished. Your healer will want to also be on the lookout for Sandstorm which reduces hit chance for anyone near the debuffed ally but can fortunately be dispelled.
The pictured murloc pack patrol up and down the cave and it's up to you whether you want to pull them safely out here or with another pack in the cave. They don't do anything special, however the big murloc in the pack has quite a bit more health than the little ones and you'll want to give him some special attention on Bolster weeks. You can pull the Mak'rana with the crab pack so long as you're vigilant with moving out of the Sand Spray.
We are going to take the left path through the cave and clear both Bitterbrine Slave packs. Dispel the Lethargic Poison if possible and make sure the tank has a reasonable stream of healing but otherwise these aren't dangerous.
Clear the murloc pack to the left if you still need more than 17.5% trash.
The twin giants are very dangerous, and this is a prime bloodlust timing if it's fortified week. The Tidestomper drops blue circles which must be avoided, whereas the Wavecrasher casts Rising Fury which stuns everything within 60 yards and deals heavy damage. 
Your objectives here are:
- Avoid the blue circles at all costs. You should never be hit.
- Burn the Wavecrasher first
- Counter the summoned murlocs with AoE CC and if necessary a kiting tank. 
- If high fortified key, pop defensive cooldown during the cast of Rising Fury to avoid being one shot.
You'll end the dungeon with four named sorceresses. They'll each chain cast while alive and you should interrupt as much as you can. Of most concern is Arcane Bomb (which needs to be dispelled) and Storm (which is a priority interrupt). Magic binding can also be nasty and should be dispelled and healed through. 

If you're somehow missing some trash percentage then there should be a Mak'rana Hardshell patrolling near the boss and he can be picked up for an extra 1.94%.

Trash ERT Note

Copy and paste this into the Exorsus Raid Tools Notes section. You can share it with your group.

|cffffff00Eye of Azshara Trash Path|r
Pull Stormweaver / Warrior pack x2
Pull Turtle
Pull Crusher
Pull Stormweaver / oracle pack
Pull three pack in front of Parjesh
{skull}|cff8788eeWarlord Parjesh|r{skull}

Mount up and run back up the path to the left
Pull the patrolling Arcanist
Pull the droplet pack nearby
Mount up and dash across water toward Hatecoil
Pull Droplet pack on the beach x2
Pull nearby Arcanist
{skull}|cff8788eeLady Hatecoil|r{skull}

Pull droplet / crab packs
Pull patrolling Hydra
Pull patrolling pack of small crabs
Pull sand crab
Pull Hydra
Pull small crab pack toward cave entrance

Pull sand crab near cave
Pull small pack of crabs near cave
Wait for and pull Murloc patrol
Take the left cave passage
Pull Bitterbrine Slave pack x2
Mount up out of cave and run toward Deepbeard.
Pull murloc pack to the left of the twin Giants.
Pull twin giants.
{skull}|cff8788eeKing Deepbeard|r{skull}

Pull the four Sea Witches. Remember to interrupt.
{skull}|cff8788eeWrath of Azshara|r{skull}



  • Warlord Parjesh

    Absolute Murder… in fish form

    Eye of Azshara: Warlord Parjesh

    Dungeon Journal+

    Impaling Spear   Single Target   Physical   Debuff   Dodgeable

    Throw Spear   Single Target   Physical   Debuff   

    Crashing Wave   AoE   Frost   Avoidance   Dodgeable

    Quicksand   Ground   Dodgeable

    Call Reinforcements   Summon

    Bellowing Roar (Hatecoil Shellbreaker)   AoE   Physical   Avoidance   Interruptable

    Lightning Strike (Hatecoil Crestrider)   Single Target   Nature

    Restoration (Hatecoil Crestrider)   AoE   Heal   Interruptable


    You should know

    • You need to stand behind an enemy hatecoil minion when Impaling Spear is being cast so that they get hit instead of you. Beware that on high keys the spear alone might not be enough to kill the add and you might need to add a little damage of your own to make sure it doesn’t rejoin the fight. DoTs are usually plenty if you have any.
    • Quicksand covers any location that Parjesh charges through during Crashing Wave. The tank should position the charge so that it takes up as little room as possible and melee should give the boss some space since it can hit you even if you are standing behind him. This both minimizes the chance of somebody getting hit by the wave and maximises the amount of space you have to work with. If you drop Quicksand everywhere your DPS will also have trouble kiting the Impaling Spear through one of the Hatecoil minions.
    • You must interrupt every Restoration cast before it starts healing. Similarly the tank should be interrupting every Bellowing Roar cast since it can be lethal when combined with the ticking damage from Throw Spear. Lightning Strike is a much lower priority.
    • It is usually best to cleave down the Shellbreakers (melee fish) and Impale the Crestriders (healing caster fish).
  • Lady Hatecoil

    The punishment for kicking your friend into the water during Static Nova is a lifetime of Lower Kara keys

    Eye of Azshara: Lady Hatecoil

    Dungeon Journal+

    Static Nova   AoE   Nature   Avoidance   Dodgeable

    Focused Lightning   AoE   Nature   Avoidance

    Curse of the Witch   Single Target   Dispellable

    Beckon Storm   Summon


    You should know

    • You need to spread out during the Focused Lightning cast since Excess Lightning is a heavy punish for stacking. For 22+ tyrannical keys put on a couple pieces of Avoidance gear to avoid it one shotting you. Tank trinkets with on-use damage reduction can also be very useful if you’re playing a squishier class (sorry, hunters).
    • Focused Lightning also destroys any sand dunes you’re standing on.
    • I’d recommend a weak aura for a countdown on the Curse of the Witch. It often expires during the Static Nova cast and can be dangerous if you’re facing the wrong way. The blast does kill any Saltsea Globules that have popped up and you should do this when it’s convenient but it’s not a huge priority.
    • The boss will wreck you if you try to leave her little arena. Attempting this is not recommended.
    • Try and stay away from the Globules when they die. The damage is not dangerous, but the slow can cost you some DPS time if you’re a melee who has to run to a sand dune early. Healers shouldn’t feel the need to dispel this.
  • Serpentrix

    Aww, look at that face

    Eye of Azshara: Serpentrix

    Dungeon Journal+

    Poison Spit   AoE   Nature   Avoidance   Dodgeable

    Toxic Wound   Ground   Nature   Dodgeable

    Submerge   Summon


    Blazing Nova (Blazing Hydra Spawn)   AoE   Fire   Avoidance   Interruptable

    Arcane Blast (Arcane Hydra Spawn)   Single Target   Arcane   Interruptable


    You should know

    • Poison Spit and Toxic Wound are both 100% dodgeable with smart movement though when you’re just fighting Serpentrix you might choose to stand in the Poison Spit to maximise DPS time (consult your healer).
    • Any damage the Hydra Spawns take is copied to Serpentrix so they’re always worth killing.
    • During the submerge transitions I’d recommend sending two DPS to the Arcane hydra and one to the Blazing hydra. The Arcane hydra deals +50% damage for every successful cast and this gets uncomfortable quickly. The tank should head to Serpentrix and interrupt the Rampage. While rampaging the boss casts Poison Spit every 0.5 seconds and while it’s avoidable it’s expensive to dodge from a DPS perspective.
  • King Deepbeard

    I actually wrote this guide during a King Deepbeard fight. It’s that damn long.

    Eye of Azshara: King Deepbeard

    Dungeon Journal+

    Quake  AoE   Physical   Avoidance   

    Gaseous Bubbles   Single Target   Debuff   

    Call the Seas   AoE   Frost   Dodgeable

    Ground Slam   AoE   Physical   Avoidance   Dodgeable

    Frenzy   LowHP Enrage


    You should know

    • Quake deals additional damage to anyone within 5 yards of you. Make sure you are at least that far apart. Four seconds after the quake all pre-existing quakes will erupt again dealing significant damage (this is called Aftershock in the combatlog).
    • Gaseous Bubbles is a buff placed on you that will absorb a significant amount of damage over up to 20 seconds. If you don’t deplete the shield within 20 seconds it’ll deal damage to your entire party equal to how much shield was left. So if you’re a bit slack and still have a 1 million absorb left then you’ve caused 5 million across your party. The best way to remove the bubble is to follow around the blue ground effects caused by Call the Seas. Quake will also give you a helping hand but I’d recommend you don’t try to remove it with Ground Slam or Aftershock since they’ll likely kill you on a high key.
    • This is a very long fight with a lot of easy to avoid but lethal mechanics. Stay spread out, remove your shields, stay out of aftershock, avoid pulling any seagulls and he shouldn’t cause you too many issues.



    • You can pull the snail near Deepbeard during the fight on non-bolstering weeks for extra damage and a little extra trash percentage. Affliction Warlocks in particular are big benefactors since you get extra shards from your Agony on the poor gastropod.
    • You can run Sephuz’s Secret and pop your CC on either the snail or the tiny crab critters found throughout his room for a high uptime.


  • Wrath of Azshara

    If you look closely, the boss has a night elf inside

    Eye of Azshara: Wrath of Azshara

    Dungeon Journal+

    Heaving Sands   Single Target   Physical   Avoidance   

    Mystic Tornado   Ground   Arcane   Dodgeable

    Massive Deluge   Ground   Frost   Dodgeable

    Crushing Depths   AoE   Physical   Avoidance?

    Arcane Bomb   AoE   Arcane   Debuff   Dispellable

    Lightning Strike (Phase 2 only)   AoE   Nature   Dodgeable

    Tidal Wave (Phase 2 only)   Ground   Frost   Dodgeable


    You should know

    • Using heroism in phase 1 is better for the timer since there is less movement, but phase 2 (sub 10%) is more dangerous so popping it then gives you a better chance of killing the boss. Decide based on how much time you have left.
    • In late phase 2 you might want to consider sacrificing the Crushing Depths target to preserve overall party health. It can also be removed with Blessing of Protection if you’re running with a paladin and if you have a full immunity you should use it.
    • You don’t need to spread out very far. Your healer has a 40 yard range but most AoE heals start to lose effectiveness past 30 yards. Stick together.
    • Every spell you get hit by will give you a stack of Magic Resonance or Frost Resonance increasing the damage you take from that school for the rest of the fight.



    • Despite what Crushing Depths says on the tooltip it actually deals damage to each player based on their own maximum HP (not the maximum HP of the Crushing Depths target). This doesn’t change the strategy (stack people in, or sacrifice them) but does eliminate Weapon swap macros and the like.