Vault of the Wardens Mythic+ Guide

Instance Breakdown

Recommended Comp for high keys: There are no special comp requirements for Vault of the Wardens however benching very slow moving specs will greatly help with an invisibility potion skip.
Instance Timer: 33:00
Average # Mobs per pack: 3.7



Click the arrows to navigate through the trash path.

Pull the first two packs together, and if Fortified then this isn't a bad time for Heroism / Bloodlust. Interrupt or dispel the Nightmares cast (Felsworn Infester) and you'll find this pack to be very easy. Most of the incoming damage will be on the tank who should pop a few cooldowns.

Next, you'll have to contend with Glayvianna, who is more of a boss than Ash'Golm honestly. She has a few key abilities:
- Double Strike. Which deals heavy tank damage.
- Glaive. She'll toss out two at a time and they should be dodged.
- Swoop. Glayvianna will cast this through the tank and then swoop on through. Nobody should be standing behind the tank.
At 50% HP she'll transform into a demon, and deal 50% extra damage. How very nice. She also picks up a few new abilities:
- Immolation Aura. Heavy AoE damage to the party. Healer should have a cooldown ready.
- Fel Trap. These will appear on the ground in sets of three and are easily avoided.

She's a little rough but shouldn't cause any real problems.
The Myrmidon silences in a cone and Immoliant Fury's cleave so the pack should be faced away. They're reasonably heavy hitting mobs so keep your tank safe.
Grab the Belcher pack from the other side. They patrol up and down and can be pulled with the 10 Belchers up the stairs. They're very easy packs.
Weirdly Fel-Infused Fury is worth 0% trash but it's in our way so we have to kill it anyway. Unleash Fury is a priority interrupt and will wipe your party. They'll also cast Fel Gaze which can't be interrupted, but if you stun or knock him back during the channel then you'll avoid it. You can also dodge it but it moves pretty fast.
Another tough pack. Face the mobs away and prioritize the Fel-Infused Fury.
Have somebody step into the bosses room to start the role play while you kill the easy two-pack.
Here's where your AoE DPS catches up. You can usually pull one side of the room pretty safely, and then another chunk of imps along with the Foul Mother. Imps keep respawning and the new ones are worth the same trash percentage.
The Foul Mother has a small pool under her model that reduces hit chance significantly. Other than that, she isn't very dangerous so long as you dodge the Mortar circles. You can grab some more imps at the same time.

You'll want to have 72.4% trash before you leave the room.
If the elevator is on its way down, then pop an Avalanche Elixir to follow it down. You won't take fall damage and it's significantly quicker.
The two fel pups at the back are actually a separate pack and you can bring down the Blade Dancer with just two dogs if you pull carefully. This can be a good idea on Necrotic weeks since it's pretty tough to reset stacks otherwise. Stun the Defiler's Drain casts and dispel Gift of the Doomsayer.
Alright, so we're skipping Grimhorn for sure since he's very slow and we don't need the trash percentage. We have two different ways of going about it. If everyone in your group has at least +30% movement speed (or has a sprint they can pop before they invis pot) then pop your potion here and run directly to the left. Don't stop running until you make it to the elevator. If you're in a slower team, then you'll have to walk back around and pop your invisibility potion from the center room.

If you have a hunter or rogue then you have a third option. They can pull Grimhorn, let the party run through and then Feign Death / Vanish to reset him. This is still slower than invis potting past Mendacius.
If your healer forgot to bring an Invisibility potion and you're forced to kill Grimhorn then you should know that Torment (where someone is put in a cage) splits its damage between all targets standing on top of it. Just be careful to spread quickly when it ends so you're not hit by Anguished Souls.
Again, pop your Avalanche Elixir if the lift is on its way down.
The tank is usually the best candidate to hold the light. The Spiderlings will run away at about 40% so save your stuns / CCs. 

Mobs that run out of the lights radius still take full damage from DoTs.
Stick hard to the left to avoid picking up the Spirit of Vengeance. Let the tank jump down first since you'll be contending with a few packs at once.

If you have more than 7 minutes on the clock, just head right instead of attempting the jump. It's much slower, but allows you to tackle one pack at a time and is much safer.
Drop a CC on the Spirit of Vengeance to the left if possible so that the tank can contend with them one at a time. If there are no tanks in range the Vengeance will throw glaives which deal less damage than the melee attacks but pop defensive cooldowns since the damage is bursty.
The Broodmother isn't too dangerous, and you can usually pull it with the Spirit of Vengeance standing by the door. The door will open when the Spirit dies and you should send your fastest person to Cordana as soon as possible to start the role play.

Trash ERT Note

Copy and paste this into the Exorsus Raid Tools Notes section. You can share it with your group.

|cffffff00Vault of the Wardens Trash Path|r
Take the right path and pull to Glayviana
Pull the belcher patrol and big pack in the middle.
Pull all belchers in sight.
Pull the Fel-infused Fury patrol.
Pull the four mob pack.
Pull the two mobs before Tirathon

Clear Blazing Imps and the Imp Mother
Ensure you’re at 72.4% trash before you take the elevator.
{skull}|cff8788eeInquisitor Tormentorum|r{skull}

{cross}Blade Dancer Illianna{cross}

Invis pot through Dreadlord (if possible) and Grimhorn
Take the elevator
Grab the light and pull the spiderling pack
Hug the left wall and jump down to the bottom area
Pull the Spiderpack and two Vengeances
Pull The Broodmother and Vengeace guarding the door
{skull}|cff8788eeCordana Felsong|r{skull}




  • Tirathon Saltheril

    Why are none of the Demon Hunters I know this good

    Vault of the Wardens: Tirathon

    Dungeon Journal+

    Darkstrike   Single Target   Shadow

    Furious Blast   AoE   Fire   ✔Avoidance   ✔Interruptable

    Fel Mortar   Ground   Fire   ✔Dodgeable

    Immolation Aura (Havoc form)   AoE   Fire   ✔Avoidance

    Hatred (Havoc form)   AoE   Fire   ✔Dodgeable

    Glaive (Vengeance form)   AoE   Fire   ✔Dodgeable


    You should know

    • For those not familiar with Demon Hunters, Havoc Form is when he’s black with large wings and Vengeance Form is when he’s grey-ish and deformed.
    • Fel Fury adds will summoned from the fires on the ground roughly every 30 seconds and must be DPS’d down. If they’re left to themselves they’ll cast 10 Scorch and then Fel Detonation which is often deadly for high keys. They’ll also occasionally pulse smaller AoE damage across the room which isn’t too dangerous in itself.
    • The tank must use their active mitigation when the boss casts Darkstrike and they’ll have two seconds to do so. If they don’t the boss will gain an absorption shield which makes him immune to interrupts. If this does happen your priority is to remove it as soon as possible since an uninterrupted Furious Blast can easily one shot your party.
    • In Havoc Form, Hatred will target a specific player initially but can then change targets so it needs to be given a wide berth by all players. You need to dodge the beam itself, as well as the explosion at the end of it. It might look like it’s above you but it’ll cut through you all the same.
  • Inquisitor Tormentorum


     Vault of the Wardens: Inquisitor Tormentorum

    Dungeon Journal+

    Sap Soul   AoE   Debuff

    Inquisitive Stare   


    Let’s look at each prison (two will be emptied during the fight)

    Quillen (North-west). Danger: 3/10

    • Tank: Pick up the Enormous Stone Quillen. The Secretkeepers will pelt random targets and cannot be tanked.
    • Healer: Dispel Flesh to Stone, if it stacks to 10 then the target will be turned to stone and we can’t have that.
    • The Secretkeepers are undead and if you CC them near their prisons then you can ignore them for the rest of the fight. If you don’t have the correct CC then you should burn them down before the Quillen.

    Void (North-east). Danger: 7/10

    • Tank: Pick up the Void-Touched juggernaut and face it away from the party since it has a pretty nasty cleave. You’ll be taking heavy damage during this add pack so get some defensives up.
    • Avoid the pool left by Shadow crash, and interrupt all Frightening Shout casts from the Deranged Mindflayer.
    • Recommended kill order is Mindflayer -> Voidcaster -> Void-Touched juggernaut. Use as much of your AoE CC here as possible.

    Corruption (South-east). Danger: 2/10

    • This is the easiest add set by far, if you play them correctly.
    • Every time a corruption blob dies it’ll afflict a random party member with debuff, which when dispelled will do a small AoE explosion in an 8 yard radius around them. Everyone afflicted should move out of the group and then you can either dispel the debuff or let it time out. If you handle this correctly then they pose no other danger.

    Shadowmoon (South-west). Danger: 9/10

    • This is a horribly annoying pack with several very dangerous mechanics. Consider CC’ing the warlock while you deal with his friends. Otherwise the recommended kill order is Technician -> Warlock -> Annihilator. Only the Annihilator needs to be tanked.
    • Spread out. Almost all of the dangerous mechanics here hit in a 5 or 10 yard radius so spreading out in advance will greatly reduce your odds of making a mistake.
    • The Warlock spews Seed of Corruption into random party members and once it expires or they take some other damage they’ll explode in a 10 yard radius around them. This will usually trigger further Seed of Corruption explosions and your dreams of making the timer will go up in flames shortly after.
    • The Technician on the other hand will silence your casters, and throw bombs that explode in a 5 yard radius. I told you this pack was fun.
    • Meanwhile the Annihilator will mostly be punching your tank, but will occasionally zip to a random party member for a stun or to your healer for a pummel. Keep everyone on high HP, stay spread and use as many CC’s and DPS cooldowns as you can.


    You should also know

    • You should tank the boss to the side of the room (here’s a picture to explain the spot better). This lets you line of sight most add packs (to group them up) and nullifies the Inquisitive Stare ability since you’ll always be facing the orbs.
    • Sap Soul can be removed with any rarely used ability (and can also be dispelled) and you should be careful not to cast two abilities in quick succession since it can occasionally lock out multiple spells.
  • Glazer

    The Mike Wazowski of WoW

    Vault of the Wardens: Glazer

    Dungeon Journal+

    Pulse   AoE   Arcane   ✔Dodgeable

    Lingering Gaze   Ground   Shadow   ✔Dodgeable

    Beam   AoE   Fire   ✔Dodgeable

    Radiation   AoE   Arcane   ✔Avoidance   


    You should know

    • Being hit by the blue Pulse orbs will cause them to split into four smaller purple orbs which deal the same damage if you hit them again and just crowd the platform in general. You can stack underneath the boss to avoid all orbs however you’ll need to move out before Lingering Gaze is dropped (it’s on a timer). Any hyper mobile DPS or healers (BM hunters and resto druids for example) might choose to stay out full time.
    • Save DPS cooldowns until after the first Beam phase since the boss will be taking an additional 100% damage for 15 seconds (Beamed). Consider using Bloodlust / Heroism here if it’ll save you a phase two.
    • During the Beam phase the boss will emit Radiation, dealing heavy AoE damage to the party. It doesn’t tend to be too deadly itself but it’s enough to turn the Pulse orbs into one shot machines (if they weren’t already) so you’ll need to be especially vigilant. Healers should consider popping a cooldown here to keep your party nice and safe.
  • Ash’golm

    Vault of the Wardens underachiever

     Vault of the Wardens: Ash'golm

    Dungeon Journal+

    Pyroclast   AoE   Fire   ✔Dodgeable

    Fissure   Summons Lava

    Lava Wreath   Summons Lava

    Smoldering (Ember)   AoE   Fire   ✔Avoidance

    Detonate (Ember)   AoE   Fire   ✔Avoidance


    You should know

    • Ash’golm is a very easy fight where most of the mechanics are ignored in favor of just burning the boss. Reasonable, but risky for higher keys where we should really know more.
    • Pyroclast is chucked at a random player and will appear as a red circle on the floor. It will knock you back and potentially off the platform. Don’t stand in it.
    • Fissure and Lava Wreath are the bosses two lava spawning vehicles with Fissure targeting the tank and drawing a line across the room and Lava Wreath dropping 4-5 lava patches around a random ranged DPS.
    • If you stand in lava you’ll take a moderate stacking DoT but the lava will disappear. You can pop an immunity and remove an entire wave of lava from the fight.
    • If any lava hits one of the Embers they’ll detonate, dealing heavy AoE damage to the party.
    • Click the frosty statues to freeze the platform, removing all lava and increasing the damage the boss and Embers take. Use this at the beginning of the fight since all DPS cooldowns will be up and if it’s a high key they’ll respawn later in the fight for a second use.


  • Cordana Felsong

    Under the helmet she’s really very pretty

    Vault of the Wardens: Cordana Felsong

    Dungeon Journal+

    Knockdown Kick   Single Target   Physical

    Turn Kick   Single Target   Physical

    Fel Glaive   AoE   Fire   ✔Dodgeable

    Deepening Shadows   Ground   Shadow   ✔Dodgeable

    Creeping Doom   AoE    Fire   ✔Dodgeable

    Steal Light (Avatar of Shadows)


    You should know

    • The light should be held by your most mobile non-tank player (the tank will drop it when kicked). Anyone can do the job, but the less DPS you lose the better (you are on a timer after all). On higher keys the fight can take a while so you’ll need to stay on top of the Deepening Shadows.
    • Dodge the Fel Glaive.
    • Make sure you stick together as a tight group during Creeping Doom. Stay clear of the edges of the platform wherever possible so that you’ve got time to move from a surprise wall.
    • The Avatar of vengeance will always spawn in the same corner (north-west), and the lightholder can wait for her there or toss the light early. If you stun her as she spawns then the boss won’t get a damage reduction shield.
    • Use Bloodlust in phase 1 if you’re low on time, or phase 2 to best improve your odds of killing the boss.

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