Cathedral of Eternal Night Mythic+ Guide

Instance Breakdown

Recommended Comp for high keys: You should bring at least two AoE stuns to Cathedral to ensure the trash goes smoothly.
Instance Timer: 35:00
Average # Mobs per pack: 2.9



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Trash ERT Note

Copy and paste this into the Exorsus Raid Tools Notes section. You can share it with your group.

|cffffff00Cathedral Trash Path|r
Pull the Invader / Destroyed pack.
Pull the three pack to your RIGHT.
Run to the right and wait for the miniboss.
Pull the patrol with the lone Stalker.
SKIP the two Dreadwings by walking around inside of pillar.
Pull the four-pack patrol.
Pull the five demon pack.
Pull the Mistress pack half way up stairs
SKIP Vilebark Walker patrol by walking over flowerbed.
Clear Agronox’s room.

SKIP Vilebark Walker patrol by jumping over flowerbed.
Pull imps to the right only.
Clear Thrashbites room – Gazerax last

Kill the imp / scavenger pack. Most will flee.
Pull Spiderlings on the right only.
Pull Enforcers and Orbcaster together.

Pull the Dreadwings



  • Agronox

    Two tree bosses in one expansion. Does the legion have an army of evil trees or something?

     Cathedral: Agronox

    Dungeon Journal+

    Poisonous Spores   AoE   Nature   ✔Avoidance

    Timber Smash   Single Target   Physical  

    Floral Fulmination (Fulminating Lasher)   AoE   Nature   ✔Avoidance   ✔Dodgeable

    Choking Vines (random flower)   Single Target  Nature 

    Succulent Secretion (Succulent Lasher)   AoE   Nature   ✔Dodgeable 


    You should know

    • Argonox is a tightly tuned, flower-heavy encounter where all of the mechanics come in waves.
    • Priority is: Run out of Choking Vines > Target Fulminating Lasher > Target Succelent Lasher > Target Boss.
    • Fulminating Lasher’s spawn at the back of the room 20 seconds into the fight, and then a second time 40 seconds later. Five will spawn and they’ll fixate one party member each. These will explode if they reach their target and on high keys this is a one shot. Stun them, slow them, kite them. Do not let them touch you. Stack up to bring them together for more efficient AoE.
    • There are only two waves of Fulminating Lasher’s. After you’ve cleared the two sets you’re done with them for the rest of the fight.
    • At the same time, random flowers will pop up along the side of the room and grip random players in with thorny vines. You can break the vines by moving 20 yards away from the flower (make sure you don’t run into the Fulminating Lasher while doing so). Anyone afflicted will need urgent healing.
    • Overlapping both of these mechanics is a third type of flower, the Succulent Lasher, which spawn in melee range roughly every 40 seconds. These AoE in an 8 yard circle around themselves and drop easy to avoid pools on the ground.
    • [Tank, Healer] Timber Smash isn’t particularly special. It’s just a huge physical hit on the tank every 30 seconds and you’ll need a medium-large cooldown up for each of them. It does have a cast time so you’ll get a very brief second to pop something.


    Tanking Tips

    • Coming Soon.


    Healing Tips

    • Agronox is a high HPS, consistent damage fight with the party afflicted by a heavy DoT during the entire fight. It ramps up the longer the boss is alive and you can expect to spend most of the last 30-40% spam healing. There isn’t much burst damage in the fight so go with a mana efficient, high HPS rotation with matching legendaries.
    • The tank does get smashed by Timber Smash and you’ll want to keep them near full and coordinate any defensives. This will also help them survive a Succelent Lasher if they get a cast off.
    • Don’t forget about your utility. Stun, Ursols, disorient the Fulminating Lashers that spawn.


  • Thrashbite the Scornful

    Oakheart’s evil twin, now Smashspites brother. What’s next? Ularogg’s roommate?

     Cathedral: Thrashbite

    Dungeon Journal+

    Pulverizing Cudgel   AoE   Physical   ✔Avoidance   Partially Dodgeable

    Heavy Cudgel   AoE   Physical   ✔Dodgeable

    Scornful Charge   AoE   Physical   ✔Dodgeable

    Stifling Satire (Satirical Book)   AoE   Debuff (Magic, Silence)

    Fettering Fiction (Fictional Book)   AoE   Debuff  (Magic, Slow)

    Beguiling Biography (Biographical Book)   Single Target   Debuff (Mind Control)   Removed at 35% HP

    Arcane Bolt (all three books)   Single Target   Arcane


    You should know

    • The types of books that spawn when each bookcase is broken are fixed:
      • Northwest: Fictional Book + Satirical Book
      • Northeast: Fictional Book + Satirical Book
      • Southwest: Biographical Book + Satirical Book
      • Southeast: Fictional Book + Satirical Book
    • You can therefore avoid the Mindcontrolling Biographical book altogether by avoiding the Southwest bookcase.
    • Pulverizing Cudgel and Heavy Cudgel are both pretty basic ‘don’t stand in this obviously bad thing’ mechanics and shouldn’t cause you much issue so long as you don’t tunnel-vision the boss.
    • Scornful Charge will target a player and then five seconds later charge toward them, stopping when he hits the player or a bookcase. If you’re targeted and have an immunity like Ice Block or Turtle then use it to avoid breaking a bookcase and allowing you to focus more damage on the boss.
      • You can only use an immunity if you’re targeted with the charge. You can’t stand in the way of someone elses charge with it. It’s cute that you’re trying to save your friend but he just doesn’t care.


    Tanking Tips

    • Coming Soon.


    Healing Tips

    • An incredibly easy fight to heal. Top the party up before Pulverizing Cudgel and spend the rest DPS’ing.
    • You can dispel the Fettering Fiction slow debuff that the Fictional Books spray across the party but this shouldn’t be necessary with proper positioning.


  • Domatrax

    Don’tbeagenericfellord dontbeagenericfellord… dammit!

     Cathedral: Domatrax

    Dungeon Journal+

    Chaotic Energy   AoE   Fire   ✔Avoidance   ✔Dodgeable (in Aegis)

    Felsoul Cleave   AoE   Fire   ✔Dodgeable

    Frenzy   Soft Enrage 

    Approaching Doom (Fel Portal Guardian)   Summon

    Searing Presence (Searing Overfiend)   AoE   Fire   ✔Avoidance

    Shadow Sweep (Hellblaze Mistress)   AoE   Shadow   ✔Dodgeable


    You should know

    • Target priority is Fel Portal Guardian > Searing Overfiend (hopefully none) > Hellblaze Mistress > Hellblaze Imp > Boss.
    • Hellblaze Mistresses and Hellblaze Imps can both be banished. Banishing a Mistress is a great way of making the fight much much easier.
    • Chaotic Energy hits every 35 seconds and you’ll need to be within the Aegis of Aggramar to survive it. Try and move into the shield at the last second to preserve its energy and maximise your DPS. The tank can usually take the hit with the help of some cooldowns. You can expect it to hit for around 15 million raw damage on a 20 tyrannical. I’d strongly recommend they do so if they’re tanking any Hellblaze Mistresses since they can easily sweep your entire party out of the shield.
    • Portal Guardians spawn at 90% and 50% health and killing them quickly is an absolute priority. If you don’t get them down within 20 seconds they’ll summon Searing Overfields which can quickly wipe your attempt.
    • The Aegis never seems to actually disappear unless you hit it with Felsoul Cleave. Sometimes when it’s really small you can’t really see the model anymore but stand directly in the center and you should be fine.


    Tanking Tips

    • Coming Soon.


    Healing Tips

    • Domatrax enrages at low health and will do his best lumberjack impression as he chops your tank down. A good tank will know it’s coming and prepare for it but give them some extra love.
    • Drop whatever DPS you can on the portal spawns. Don’t fall behind to do it but the portals really need to die before they finish their cast and adding a few million damage can make the difference.
    • Chaotic Energy deals high damage to the party even when they’re correctly huddled together in the shield. Make sure you’re prepared for it.



  • Mephistroth

    Where is Mal’Ganis anyway?

     Cathedral: Mephistroth

    Dungeon Journal+

    Phase 1

    Dark Solitude   AoE   Shadow   

    Demonic Upheaval   Ground   Fire   ✔Avoidance   Partially Dodgeable

    Carrion Swarm   AoE   Shadow

    Phase 2

    Creeping Shadows   AoE   Shadow   ✔Avoidance

    Shadow Blast (Shadow of Mephistroth)   AoE   Shadow   ✔Dodgeable

    Fel Blaze (Dreadwing)   AoE   Fire   ✔Dodgeable


    You should know

    • Mephistroth is a heal-heavy fight with minimal mechanics for the DPS to contend with.
    • Demonic Upheaval will target two players, and they should move toward opposite sides of the room to make the resulting circles easier to dodge.
    • Players should be spread at least 7 yards apart so that each Dark Solitude missile only hits one person.
    • In phase 2, DPS should coordinate which Shadow of Mephistroth to kill first since keeping their numbers to a minimum is essential.
    • Anyone can control the Aegis of Aggramar. It doesn’t have to be a tank (and if a mobile ranged DPS or healer can take it then the tank can actually add some damage). This hasn’t really caught on, and you’re unlikely to see it in your pug group.
    • After your first visit to phase 2, Dreadwings will bombard the platform with Fel Blaze. This is dodgeable and you should do so.


    Tanking Tips

    • Coming Soon.


    Healing Tips

    • This is a very rough fight to heal. Mephistroth deals very heavy persistent damage during phase 2 and heavy burst damage during phase 1.
    • [Phase 1] There are two sources of party damage. Dark Solitude is random, low damage that goes out every few seconds. Demonic Upheaval is a debuff that is cast on two targets and explodes for huge damage a few seconds after expiry. This is where the true danger lies because the damage will chunk your party to very low health and they’ll need immediate attention before the next Dark Solitude murders them and three generations of their family. Remind them to use their defensives here and Prydaz isn’t awful either.
    • [Phase 2] Creeping Shadows deals an increasing amount of damage throughout the phase. This is a throughput check and you should save your big cooldowns for this phase. Essence of G’hanir, Last Whisper, Revival. Use them. There’s about 1:20 between the end of one phase 2 and the beginning of the next. The phase lasts ~35 seconds if the tank blocks all orbs but can be much longer if you’re running with a tank you found at the park with a suspicious bottle in a paper bag.