Seat of the Triumvirate Mythic+ Guide

Instance Breakdown

Recommended Comp for high keys: Seat of the Triumvirate is an AoE heavy instance that heavily favors bringing ranged DPS. There are also several key interrupts so 1 melee + 2 ranged is likely to be the strongest mix.
Instance Timer: 35:00
Average # Mobs per pack: 4.1 (higher in practice due to Fragmented Voidlings)



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Trash ERT Note

Copy and paste this into the Exorsus Raid Tools Notes section. You can share it with your group.

|cffffff00Seat of the Triumvirate Trash Path|r
Pull all packs surrounding the boss
Take care to pull one patrol at a time
{skull}|cff8788eeZuraal the Ascended|r{skull}

Pull the subjugated pack through the hallway.
Kill it while waiting for RP.
Head to each portal and kill the RIft Guardian.
Clear only essential trash on the way to each portal.
After three portals are cleared head to Saprish.
Kill two patrols near Saprish:
– One contains a Champion, Stalker, Shadowstalker.
– The other a Subjugator, Stalker, Shadowstalker.

Head north toward Viceroy.
Kill the three pack on the stairs.
Kill the five Void Discharge mobs.
Skip the packs to either side by walking up the middle.
Kill all packs near Viceroy – They pull with boss.
{skull}|cff8788eeViceroy Nezhar|r{skull}

Pull the five discharges to the left while you wait for RP.
Clear through to L’ura.




  • Zuraal the Ascended

    Where your tank and healer will argue about whose fault it is that the tank got one shot.

     Seat of the Triumvirate - Zuraal

    Dungeon Journal+

    Null Palm   AoE   Shadow   Dodgeable

    Decimate   Single Target   Shadow

    Umbra Shift   Single Target

    Dark Expulsion (Coalesced Void)   AoE   Shadow   Avoidance


    You should know

    • The boss deals 100% more damage when standing in any void zone. This makes Decimate incredibly dangerous. Decimate is on a timer, the boss cannot be standing in the void during the cast.
    • The Void Sludges will explode if they reach the boss, dealing heavy AoE damage. They also drop void all over the area so it’s in your best interest to kill them as quickly as possible. They can be stunned, slowed and rooted and you should do so where possible.
    • Every so often a random non-healer player will be targeted by Umbral Shift, moving them to the Void Realm (spooky). While in the void you’ll need to kill the Dark Aberrations and each will give you 10 void energy on death. When you reach 100 you’ll get an extra action button that’ll stun the boss and triple his damage taken for 20 seconds. Don’t let the adds hit you – you can die down there and this can really hurt your attempt.
    • Anyone Fixated by the boss needs to run away and avoid getting hit even once. You can run through the void if necessary but keep it to a minimum.
  • Saprish

    Saprish enjoyed rhyme so much he adopted both a Cat and a Bat.


    Dungeon Journal+

    Void Trap   Ground   Shadow   Debuff (Stun)   Dodgeable

    Umbral Flanking   Multi Target   Physical

    Dark Slash   Single Target   Shadow

    Ravaging Darkness (Darkfang)   AoE   Shadow   Dodgeable

    Dread Screech (Shadewing)   AoE   Debuff (Disorient)   Interruptable


    You should know

    • Void Traps tend to cluster near the boss. Avoid them, and avoid the Ravaging Darkness which is a cone AoE from Darkfang. He’ll cast it after teleporting to you and you should be able to avoid it without taking even a single tick of damage.
    • Spread out around the room to minimize the amount of movement you have to do and to prevent Umbral Flanking from hitting more than one person.
    • Dread Screech is a priority interrupt. Missing even one can easily be a wipe.
    • Take care that you don’t wander into a nearby trash pack.
    • Void Traps can be cleared with Anti-Magic shield or an immunity if you’re in a tough spot.
    • The boss and his pets all share a health pool. Triple DoT as much as you like and pick whichever target is easiest for you to DPS.
  • Viceroy Nezhar

    This fight has a few too many tentacles for my puritan sensibilities.

     Viceroy Nezhar

    Dungeon Journal+

    Dark Blast   Single Target   Shadow   Interruptable 

    Entropic Force   AoE   Pushback

    Howling Dark   AoE   Debuff (Fear)   Interruptable

    Eternal Twilight   AoE   Shadow   Interruptable   One Shot!

    Unstable Entrance (Umbral Tentacle)   AoE   Shadow   

    Void Lashing (Umbral Tentacle)   Single Target   Shadow   Interruptable

    Dark Bulwark (Shadowguard Voidtender)


    You should know

    • You must interrupt Howling Dark (likely wipe) and Eternal Twilight (definite wipe).
    • Tank the boss toward one side of the arena to minimize the danger of the Entropic Force push back. You’ll need to interrupt a Dark Blast cast in order to move him since he doesn’t use any melee attacks otherwise.
    • It takes several minutes for the collapsing void encircling the area to reach the boss. You’re toast much earlier than that though since you’ll need some room to move around to kill off Void Lashings. The fight combines that sustained DPS check with a burst DPS check in the add spawns that must die as soon as possible.
    • Two Shadowguard Voidtenders are summoned when the boss hits 100 energy and they’ll put an impenetrable bubble on the boss while they live. You have 10 seconds to kill both and interrupt the Eternal Twilight cast. Assign one person to interrupt this specifically so you don’t end up in a game of ‘who has the interrupt???’ when there’s half a second left on the cast.
  • L’ura

    Anyone else getting Mu’ru flashbacks?


    Dungeon Journal+

    Phase 1

    Naaru’s Lament   AoE   Shadow   Avoidance

    Remnant of Anguish   Ground   Shadow   Dodgeable

    Void Blast   Single Target   Debuff (DoT)

    Fragment of Despair (Greater Rift Warden)   Ground   Shadow   Soakable

    Phase 2

    Grand Shift   Ground   Shadow   Dodgeable

    Umbral Cadence   AoE   Shadow   Avoidance


    You should know

    • The Rift Wardens will each cast one Fragment of Despair which forms a purple circle on the ground that you must stand in to soak. The soaker will take moderate damage but if the Fragment is not soaked the entire party will take heavy damage and likely be one shot.
    • You’ll get two waves of Rift Wardens. The first has one, and the second two. After you clear a wave L’ura will be stunned for 12 seconds and take 3x the damage.
    • Phase 2 will begin after the second Backlash and consists of ever increasing AoE damage to the party. You’ll also need to stack up during Grand Shift casts since it’ll cover the area you’re standing in Remnants of Anguish (the purple stuff on the floor) and by stacking toward the side of the room you can keep it out of the way.
    • Phase 2 is a moderate DPS check though not usually problematic if you got some good damage in during the two Backlashes.


Weak Auras

Suppression Field Warning: