Neltharion’s Lair Mythic+ Guide

Instance Breakdown

Recommended Comp for high keys: All you really need for Neltharion’s Lair is some AoE CC and a good healer.
Instance Timer: 33:00
Average # Mobs per pack: 2.7



Click the arrows to navigate through the trash path.

I haven't found a way to get to the bottom of the waterfall more quickly. Send me a message if you find something.

- Avalanche Elixir
- Sprints
- Blinks
- Curling tightly into a ball
We don't really need all of this trash so run up the river to the left and kill the two Rockback Gnashers first. You'll need a few Crawlers to make up trash percentage but you should pull more than enough just clearing the other ticked trash.
The Lurkers aren't dangerous, but will submerge underground and re-appear behind a random ally. Clump together to keep them in cleave range and to avoid pulling other trash. You can usually pull the Gnashers with the Lurkers.
You'll need five Crawlers total but you'll almost certainly pull them as you make your way left. Kill them with the Rockback Gnasher.
You'll heal to full upon jumping into a barrel so there's no need to stop to top anybody off.
Pelters will attack targets at random for moderate damage. They can't be interrupted so you'll have to heal through them (or stun them).

You'll need to avoid the Breaker's Avalanche ability which is targeted on a random player. You can avoid it by having your party stack up and then move together once it's cast. Alternatively, spread out and have everyone move outwards during the cast. You really just need to make sure you're not running into somebody else's former position. A weak aura is provided at the bottom of the page.
Interrupt the Gnasher's Stone Gaze to avoid being stunned. Pull the patrol with the Drummer for bonus trash percentage. The drummer won't hurt you, but you do have to interrupt his channel or prevent him from reaching the drums.
Consider CC'ing one of the Pelters before you pull this pack to reduce the amount of damage going out onto your party.

Vileshard Hulk's has one notable cast: Piercing Shards. The Hulk should be stunned, knocked back, or death gripped during the cast to avoid your tank being annihilated. Have the tank face it away, just in case and if the cast goes off they'll need to pop a defensive cooldown to survive it.

The Shaper deals heavy single target damage to random targets similarly to pelters. The difference is that the damage is much higher, but the cast can be interrupted.
Pull most of these packs one-by-one. The Pelter to the right can be taken with the Geode / Shaper pack.
We have no need for this pack and we'll skip it by hugging the left wall. You've got a little room to squeeze past, but should be very careful.
The four Gnashers in the lake are great trash percentage and you can pull them quickly by having the fastest member of your party grab them and run them back to the tank.
The Grubmaster has a small AoE cleave attack around his position. Have your ranged party stack a few feet back so that they take no damage for it, but are still close to melee so that the Lurker can't burrow far.
These packs can usually be pulled together and AoE'd down. Save a stun for any Tarspitter Grubs that spawn since if they complete their metamorphosis cast you'll have to deal with another full health mob. 

On Bolster weeks you should CC the Grubmaster and pull the other mobs more than 30 yards away so you don't end up with a supermob.
The Demolishers should be stunned as much as possible to delay the Charskin cast.

Face the Dominator away from the party and have your ranged party stack up for more efficient healing. Interrupt the Frenzy cast.
These packs are much easier if you CC the Trapper before you take on the Dominator. If you do pull them both at once then you'll need to interrupt Bound to prevent a party member being stunned.

Trash ERT Note

Copy and paste this into the Exorsus Raid Tools Notes section. You can share it with your group.

|cffffff00Neltharion’s Lair Trash Path|r
Stick hard left and pull both Rockback Gnashers
Pull double Lurker pack
Stay left and jump into water to kill Gnasher
Pull triple drudge pack

Pull Breaker / Pelter pack
Pull Breaker
Pull Hunter patrol with Drummer
Pull Pelter, Breaker pack
Pull Hulk / Shaper pack
SKIP Pelter pack on the right
Clear Ularogg’s room

Stay hard left and SKIP shaper / breaker pack
Grab four Gnashers from the lake ahead
Clear through to Naraxas

Pull Demolisher pack
Pull lone Dominator
Pull Dominator / Trapper packs (x2)



  • Rokmora

    The closest thing we’re going to get to a Warcraft Hulk. Rokmora smash!

     Neltharion's Lair: Rokmora

    Dungeon Journal+

    Razor Shards   AoE   Debuff   Avoidance   Dodgeable (including tank)

    Shatter   AoE   Physical   Avoidance  

    Crystalline Ground (follows Shatter)   Multi Target   Nature

    Rupturing Skitter (follows Shatter)   AoE   Nature   Avoidance

    Brittle   Summon


    You should know

    • Shatter will kill all Blightshard Skitters and deal damage based on their remaining HP. A half dead skitter will only deal 50% of the Rupturing Skitter damage. If Shatter isn’t one shotting you then throwing DoTs / cleave at them can be faster than trying to kill them completely. Rupturing Skitter is likely to be your biggest source of damage taken so judge carefully how much damage you need to spend on them to survive each Shatter. Keep in mind that Skitters leave a Choking Dust puddle on the floor when killed.
    • The tank can, and should run out during the cast of Razor Shards to avoid being hit. Be careful not to move too early since directing the attack toward your party will kill your timer just five minutes in. You might also end up on a blacklist somewhere.
    • Crystalline Ground is a debuff that goes out to the party with each Shatter. It doesn’t do notably high damage, but you’ll want to avoid taking damage from it when low. If you’re ever knocked into a Choking Dust cloud then moving is still the better choice (use those defensives though!). You can stand with your back against the rock to avoid taking damage from Crystalline Ground during the Shatter knockback (but this is rarely necessary).
  • Ularogg Cragshaper

    I think I lost 20 bucks to this guy in a Shell game last time I was down by the harbor

     Neltharion's Lair: Ularogg

    Dungeon Journal+

    Strike of the Mountain   Multi Target   Nature  Avoidance  Dodgeable

    Sunder   Single Target   Nature

    Bellow of the Deeps   Summon Effect

    Fallen Debris (Bellowing Idol)   AoE   Physical   Avoidance  Dodgeable

    Stance of the Mountain


    You should know

    • Once pulled, the boss will first cast Stance of the Mountain (and disappear into a rock) 35 seconds into the fight. After you find him there’ll be 70 seconds between all subsequent “find-me” phases. Save Bloodlust and any long DPS cooldowns for these. If you can cut out a Stance of the Mountain phase altogether it’ll be a big time saver.
    • The Falling Debris during both phases can be dodged, however it’s exhausting to do so and greatly reduces DPS. Get your healer to heal through it, and start running if you get low. Don’t stack close to each other since Falling Debris targets your location and you’ll be quickly destroyed if you share your Debris with each other.
    • Sunder can be spell reflected / anti-magic shielded. It’s Nature damage.
    • The Bellows aren’t at all dangerous since their damage is easily healed through. Just drop DoTs or cleave them down so that you don’t end up with 5+ of them later in the fight.
  • Naraxas

    She’s really very pretty

     Neltharion's Lair: Naraxas

    Dungeon Journal+

    Rancid Maw   AoE   Nature   Avoidance   Dodgeable

    Toxic Retch   AoE   Nature

    Spiked Tongue   Single Target   Physical

    Frenzy   Soft Enrage


    You should know

    • You can DPS the Wormspeaker adds shortly before they jump down into the arena. Pan your camera up and you’ll see them on the ledge, giving you a head start.
    • Every Wormspeaker or tank the boss eats will give her a stacking +50% damage increase. This only increases her melee damage, none of her abilities are affected.
    • The green pools left by Rancid Maw are used by the tank during the Spiked Tongue ability. Since Rancid Maw is targeted on players you have control over where the pools are dropped and you should try and leave them 25-30 yards from the boss.
    • Naraxas will auto attack soon after Spiked Tongue ends and since the tank is often out of range of the boss this can lead to a nearby melee being butchered. You may want to consider moving out of the bosses auto attack range (10 yards).
  • Dargrul the Underking

    What are Drogbar anyway?

     Neltharion's Lair: Dargrul

    Dungeon Journal+

    Molten Crash   Single Target   Nature  

    Landslide   AoE   Nature   Avoidance

    Crystal Spikes   Ground   Nature   Dodgeable

    Magma Wave   AoE   Fire   Avoidance   Dodgeable

    Magma Sculptor   Summon Effect


    You should know

    • You can stun and knockback the Molten Charskins to aid in your kite. Smash them into the Crystal Spikes to stun them and significantly increase the damage they take. They get faster and faster the longer you leave them up so take care of them reasonably quickly.
    • The walls don’t prevent line of sight with the boss so the ranged and healer can take refuge long before Magma Wave is cast.
    • If your attempt has truly fallen apart you can reset the boss by running up the boulders.
    • The last tick of Magma Wave deals significantly more damage. Make sure he’s finished before you leave your safe space.



    • If you’re running a party with heavy DoTs then wait a few seconds before kiting the Charskin into a wall. It’s best to have all of your teams DoTs up before the increased damage debuff goes out to maximise DPS.



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