Arcway Mythic+ Guide

Instance Breakdown

Recommended Comp for high Arcway keys: Bring multiple low cooldown interrupts to Arcway to deal with the numerous caster mobs. Bringing a Hunter, Shaman or Druid can enable a very powerful skip if you get the right-hand door.
Instance Timer: 45:00
Average # Mobs per pack: 3.9



Left Door

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Right Door

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  • General Xakal

     Like all the other fel lords… except for that VOICE

     Arcway: General Xakal

    Dungeon Journal+

    Fel Fissure   Ground   Shadow   ✔Dodgeable

    Wicked Slam   AoE   Physical   ✔Avoidance   

    Shadow Slash   AoE   Shadow   ✔Dodgeable

    Bombardment (Dread Felbat)   AoE   Shadow   ✔Dodgeable

    Thirst for Blood (Dread Felbat)   Single Target   Physical


    You should know

    • Make sure there’s no Fel Fissures around you when Wicked Slam hits. It’ll knock you back and you don’t want to get punted into anything.
    • Wicked Slam has no range, but can be dodged (like, with your dodge stat) for some reason. It’s pretty hard to take advantage of this unless you’re a Rogue (evasion), Demon Hunter (Blade Dance) or tank.
    • You’ll want to use defensive cooldowns for Wicked Slam on high keys since it does reach one shot territory.
    • [Necrotic] Consider CC’ing / kiting the bats instead of having the tank pick them up. They add a lot of stacks, and don’t really hit that hard so it’s ok if a ranged DPS takes a hit.


    Tanking Tips

    • Coming Soon!


    Healing Tips

    • Xakal is an easy fight to heal with Wicked Slam the only dangerous mechanic. Make sure you have a timer tracking its cooldown (I recommend LittleWigs) and ensure everyone is 100% health before it hits.
    • The only other damage in the fight is Shadow Slash and Bombardment, both of which should be dodged by all party members. Spot heal anyone with slow feet.
    • Keep an eye on the tank. Xakal has a very big axe.
    • On high keys rotate Ishkar’s Felshield Emitter with their personal cooldowns to help squishier DPS through Wicked Slam one shots.


  • Nal’tira

    … Itsy bitsy?

    Arcway: Nal'tira

    Dungeon Journal+

    Blink Strikes   AoE   Arcane   ✔Dodgeable

    Nether Venom   Ground   Arcane   ✔Dodgeable

    Tangled Web  Two Targets   Arcane   

    Devour (Vicious Manafang)   Single Target   Physical


    You should know

    • Vicious Manafangs can mostly be cleaved / multi-dotted but you’ll want to clear the room of any prior to Blink Strikes.
    • Pop defensive / movement cooldowns during Tangled Web. The healer needs to be prepared to channel heavy healing into both targets and they should be topped off before the debuff goes out. You need to be 30 yards apart to break the web.
      • [Warlock] Run Demonic Circle and place it toward the side of the room. It’s a free insta-break on the web.
      • [Druid / Mage] Blink / Displacer Beast will instantly break web but make sure you don’t blink in the same direction your co-webbed is running.
    • If you are already moving when Blink Strikes begins you should never be hit by it. She’ll cast it twice in a row on random targets. She always appears behind her target’s back.


    Tanking Tips

    • Coming Soon!


    Healing Tips

    • Nal’tira can either be very easy to heal, or very difficult depending on the mobility of your team comp. Tangled Web deals heavy DoT damage to both targets and you’ll need to execute your maximum throughput rotation to keep them alive (unless they can blink or port out instantly). Run single target or burst healing legendaries for the fight.
    • Spot heal anyone who takes a tick of Nether Venom or Devour but there’s little damage outside of the Tangled Web window. Consider weaving in some damage spells to speed the fight along.


  • Corstilax

    If the haste buffs are cookies, then I’m the Cookie Monster

    Arcway: Corstilax

    Dungeon Journal+

    Suppression Protocol   AoE   Arcane   Partially Dodgeable

    Quarantine   Single Target   Arcane   Debuff (Stun, Removed via clicking Quarantine Crystal)

    Energy Burst   Ground   Player Buff (+Haste)

    Cleansing Force   AoE   Arcane   ✔Dodgeable


    You should know

    • Stack your ranged and melee in groups before Quarantine is cast to make it easy to click. It isn’t too dangerous but you don’t want to lose any DPS time on the boss.
    • The haste puddles are significant, and almost always worth picking up. The best three minutes you’ll ever have in Arcway.
    • This guy is probably one of the easiest dungeon bosses of the expansion and so long as you don’t lose anyone to the Quarantine or Cleansing Force abilities you can’t really go wrong.


    Tanking Tips

    • Coming Soon!


    Healing Tips

    • Corstilax is an ultra-low damage fight but on high keys Suppression Protocol and Quarantine can still cause deaths if you underestimate them. Consider rotating your healing cooldowns around Suppression Protocol (occurs after every Cleansing Force) to make sure there are no embarrassing casualties.
    • This is a great fight to wear DPS legendaries on. The 10 seconds you’ll save can be key in securing your two chest.


  • Ivanyr

    Slightly less threatening than his trash

    Arcway: Ivanyr

    Dungeon Journal+

    Arcane Blast   Single Target   Arcane   ✔Interruptable   

    Volatile Magic   Multi Target   Arcane   Spread (8 yards)

    Nether Link   Multi Target   Debuff

    Overcharge Mana   Single Target   Buff (+Haste, +Dmg)   ✔Interruptable

    Charged Bolt   Ground   Arcane   ✔Dodgeable


    You should know

    • Minimize the space taken up by the Nether Link pools by coordinating an ally to blink / sprint towards. Make sure you don’t drop any pools on the boss since he’s a bit of a pain to move.
    • Overcharge Mana should be interrupted as absolute priority. Any Arcane Blasts you can interrupt are bonuses but you need to prevent him getting stacks.


    Tanking Tips

    • Coming Soon!


    Healing Tips

    • 80% of the unavoidable damage in the fight is on the tank and because it’s all magic damage it can be burstier than normal. It also ramps up through the fight as / if the boss gets stacks of Overcharge Mana. Communicate cooldowns with your tank and consider running Ishkar’s to give them an extra defensive.



  • Advisor Vandros

    Elisande Jr over here

     Arcway: Advisor Vandros

    Dungeon Journal+

    Accelerating Blast   Single Target   Arcane   Buff (+Haste, +Dmg)   ✔Interruptable   ✔Purgeable

    Force Bomb   Ground   Arcane   Partially Dodgeable (Jump or blink the waves)  

    Chrono Shard   Ground   Arcane   ✔Dodgeable   (Move away from the charms)

    Banish in Time   Phase Transition   Debuff (Stun)

    Breach (Timeless Wraith)   AoE   Arcane   ✔Avoidance   ✔Dodgeable (15 yard radius)

    Time Lock (Timeless Wraith)   Single Target   Debuff (Magic, Stun)   ✔Dispellable   ✔Interruptable

    Unstable Mana   Ground   Arcane   ✔Dodgeable


    You should know

    • Interrupt Accelerating Blast and kite the boss clockwise around the room to stay clear of the floating chrono shards which will explode 8 seconds after being summoned. On a high key you only need to get hit by a couple of them to die so utmost care must be taken.
    • Avoid standing on top of the Force Bomb when it explodes. Use mobility cooldowns to reposition through the force fields (blinks are worth bonus points).
    • You can usually reapply DoTs to the boss as he casts Banish in Time. Other times he’ll stun you during the cast.
    • [Intermission] Don’t stand within 15 yards of the Timeless Wraith’s unless you’re melee. It really hurts.
    • [Intermission] The Chrono Shards during the intermission phase (running back to the boss) don’t scale correctly with the Mythic+ level and do almost no damage. Stand in as many of them as you like and just focus on killing or skipping each Timeless Wraith.
    • [Phase 2] Stay spread out to avoid kiting Unstable Mana into any allies. It will always target a DPS if one is alive so tanks / healers shouldn’t need to move.


    Tanking Tips

    • Coming Soon!


    Healing Tips

    • The amount of damage going out depends greatly on how good your team are at dodging Chrono Shards. A couple in a row will kill even your beefiest DPS and on higher keys even taking one can be a flat one shot (which actually makes our lives a little easier as healers). Spot heal what you can and save your healing cooldowns for Force Bomb.
    • As above, the Shards during the intermission deal almost no damage and many of the Timeless Wraiths can be skipped entirely so you shouldn’t need to pop anything here. Just make sure your melee are well looked after for the Timeless Wraiths you do pull because they deal heavy ticking damage within 15 yards.
    • Like Ivanyr, the damage on the tank is almost all magic but can be interrupted. Prepare for it to be bursty and bring out your externals if the boss gets more than 1-2 stacks of Accelerating Blast.