Maw of Souls Mythic+ Guide

Instance Breakdown

Recommended Comp for high keys: Bring at least one or two low cooldown interrupts to make the Champions and Mistmenders easier. Your composition for Maw of Souls is otherwise pretty flexible. Melee get chewed on by some of the trash packs but you’ll bring them anyway for the interrupts.
Instance Timer: 24:00
Average # Mobs per pack: 2.8



Click the arrows to navigate through the trash path.

Have a ranged DPS beeline for the Soulkeeper so that you can pull him with the Slaver / Shieldmaiden pack. Face the pack away from the party to neuter the painful cleaves and avoid standing in muck. The Soulkeeper has significantly more HP than the others and should be focused down first during Bolster weeks.

The Soulkeeper will march forward in a direction dealing massive damage to anyone he slices through with his sword. Get behind him and you'll keep your life in-tact. If he runs into a wall he'll spin around and continue his murder train in the opposite direction so watch out for that.
These aren't worth anything, but you'll pull a bunch just crossing the bridge. Pull them into the next pack unless there's an affix that dissuades it (Bolster, Sanguine).
Interrupt the Slave where possible and pull this pack alone since the next one is already very big.
Blow your CC early, and get in as much damage as you can. Face the pack away from the party and don't get canned by the Soulkeeper.
Interrupt Soul Siphon, dispel Curse of Hope, and watch your feet for giant explody barrels.
Pull this pack back into the first room if you need more room to move. Interrupt Torrent of Souls, don't stand in Deceptive Strike, and don't get binned by the Soulkeeper.
Make sure you DoT these Swiftblades up as much as you can since they still take damage when they're casting Deceptive Strike.
Pull the Hounds back around the corner while the Mariner is off patrolling. These attack players at random and you should use all of your CC here since it's useless on the next few packs anyway.
The Mariner deals a horrifying amount of AoE damage that cannot be line of sighted. You really just need your healer to be on-form here and use your defensive cooldowns to give them a hand. 

[Healers] Plan out your healing cooldowns. You should expect two lanterns.
The triple Hound patrol is not very dangerous and can be pulled at any time.

Next, the Grimewalker mini boss. The tank should face him away from the party and nobody should stand in the sludge. You can pull him up the stairs toward the next pack if you run out of space.
Assign an interrupt to each champion to ensure Bone Chilling Scream is never successfully cast. Tank damage is pretty high here.
Grab the champion from each side and pull them together. This is a pretty efficient way to grab an extra few trash percentage - even if the Champions have quite a bit of health.
These are all mobs you're already familiar with, interrupts just become much more important here since getting feared into another pack is run-destroying and a long whirlpool channel can be similarly destructive.
Skjal is a little harder than the Grimewalker and is especially challenging on Fortified. Interrupt Debilitating Shout, and use your AoE CC to control the skeleton mobs. The Sorcerers in particular can be quite dangerous since if they get three successful casts off they'll explode in a Necrotic Barrage. Skjal will also target a player with Give no Quarter and then sprint to them 2.5 seconds later dealing heavy damage to anyone still in the area. This is 100% dodgeable. 

After Skjal is dead, you can jump down to Helya's area to ditch any remaining skeletons.

Trash ERT Note

Copy and paste this into the Exorsus Raid Tools Notes section. You can share it with your group.

|cffffff00Maw of Souls Trash Path|r
Pull through to Ymiron.
Don’t pull the eight pack of Slaves
{skull}|cff8788eeYmiron, the Fallen King|r{skull}

Pull Soulguards
Pull the Seacursed three pack to the right
Pull the Swiftblade pack to the left
Pull the Hounds
Pull the Mariner and triple dog patrols.
Pull Grimelord
Walk upstairs and clear double Champion pack

Pull champion on each side (together)
Pick the left or right side and clear it through to Skjal



  • Ymiron, the Fallen King

    Ymiron, tank murderer 

      Maw of Souls: Ymiron

    Dungeon Journal+

    Dark Slash   Single Target   Shadow   

    Screams of the Dead   AoE   Debuff (Fear, Magic)   Shadow   ✔Dodgeable

    Winds of Northrend   AoE   Frost   ✔Avoidance

    Bane   Ground Effect   Shadow   ✔Dodgeable

    Arise, Fallen   Summon Effect


    You should know

    • When Arise, Fallen is cast, you’ll get one skeleton for every Bane globule still active. This means you can greatly reduce or even remove the skeletons by soaking these before the cast. They do deal very heavy damage so you’ll need an immunity like Divine Shield or Aspect of the Turtle to remove them efficiently. This is amazing on Necrotic weeks.
    • Dark Slash is Shadow damage so you’ll want to use anti-magic defensive cooldowns to reduce its impact. Anti-magic shell, Spell Reflect and Empower Wards are all very effective as is anything that gives you more health. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your healer for an external cooldown if necessary. You can expect a Dark Slash every 30-45 seconds and it really hurts.
    • The Skeleton adds cannot be slowed, stunned or knocked back so your tank will have to rely on personal mobility cooldowns to keep incoming damage low.
    • You can get a pet to taunt (or a Moonkin to drop Force of Nature treants) a second before the Dark Slash and they’ll absorb the hit entirely.
  • Harbaron

    What makes his scythe ‘cosmic’ anyway?

    Maw of Souls: Harbaron

    Dungeon Journal+

    Cosmic Scythe   AoE   Arcane   ✔Dodgeable

    Nether Rip   Ground   Shadow   ✔Dodgeable

    Fragment   Summon Effect   Debuff (stun)   Shadow

    Void Snap (Shackled Servitor)   AoE   Shadow   ✔Avoidance   ✔Interruptable


    You should know

    • Nether Rip spawns under random players which means it’s controllable. You won’t really run out of room since it only lasts 30 seconds but avoid cutting off any escape paths or dropping it under the boss if possible.
    • Fragment targets take very heavy damage and are stunned for a short time. Stack up near the boss so that the boss can be cleaved while you burn down the fragment adds. The fragment adds can be stunned and knocked back.
    • Void Snap will ruin your life. It’s a long cast and needs to be interrupted 100% of the time.
    • Cosmic Scythe is a little larger than the animation, just take a few steps back from the boss when he’s casting it. It also hits behind the boss, so don’t think you’re safe there.
  • Helya

    Is it weird that her tentacles hit harder than she does?

    Maw of Souls: Helya

    Dungeon Journal+

    Phase 1

    Rapid Rupture (Destructor Tentacle)  Single Target   Physical   Debuff (DoT)   

    Piercing Tentacle   AoE (6 yards)   Nature   ✔Dodgeable

    Taint of the Sea   AoE   Nature   Debuff (Magic, DoT)   ✔Dispellable

    Turbulent Waters   Ground   Frost   ✔Dodgeable

    Brackwater Barrage   AoE   Frost   ✔Dodgeable

    Phase 2

    Corrupted Below   AoE   Shadow   ✔Dodgeable

    Torrent   AoE   Frost   ✔Interruptable


    You should know

    • The tank will need huge amounts of healing when contesting the Destructor Tentacles. They stack an awful bleed (Rapid Rupture) that’ll require healing even after the tentacle is dead. It’s ok to go into phase 2 with no tank / healing cooldowns so use all of them. The bleed can be removed with Blessing of Protection and if you have access to one you should use it.
    • DPS need to focus Destructors whenever they’re up (Dotting / cleaving the Grasping Tentacles is a good idea).
    • It’s ok to move out of melee range of the destructors if the tank needs to dodge the Brackwater Barrage. You can take 1-2 Smash without too much danger to your party, just make sure nobody else is in melee range.
    • Helya will submerge every ~90 seconds during phase 2 and you’ll need to kill her within two phases most of the time to hit the timer. She stays submerged for about 20 seconds.
    • You can heroism / bloodlust in either phase but I’d recommend doing so in phase 1 if you don’t trust your tank to stay alive and in phase 2 if you want to maximise DPS or will get an extra submerge if you don’t.


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