Black Rook Hold Mythic+ Guide

Instance Breakdown

Recommended Comp for high keys: Black Rook Hold demands strong AoE CC for the Grand Hall. The instance is mostly Undead and a sap effect can make the larger packs significantly easier to deal with.
Instance Timer: 39:00
Average # Mobs per pack: 3.7



Click the arrows to navigate through the trash path.

We're going to be invis potting at the start of the dungeon through to the first boss. It's a little tight, but even with no movement speed boosts you should comfortably make it. This skips three awful trash packs that we don't need to make our trash percentage.
It's often easiest to have the tank and healer run up the stairs alone to pull down the first 5-6 spiderlings. This makes it much easier for the party to dodge the little explosion they make when they die and eliminates any line of sight issues. Anyone hit by a Spiderling will be afflicted with Soul Venom which needs to be dispelled regularly.
You can pull several spiderlings at a time, just make sure to dispel the tank on cooldown.
The Rook Spinner might look tough but all he does is melee the tank for low-moderate damage. Once the Spiderlings are dead, you can pull the next group while you finish the Rook Spinner.
The Scout / Champion pack will pat between the large group and the staircase and in most cases should be taken at the top of the staircase.

-> Soul Torn Champions cast Bonebreaking Strike in the direction of the tank and should be faced away from the party.
-> Risen Scouts cast Knife Dance which deals heavy physical damage to all allies within 20 yards. This should be interrupted with a stun, knockback, or death grip. If you're light on those then it can be outranged.
This is the first dangerous pack in the instance and your kill order should be: Arcane Minion > Risen Arcanist > Risen Archer > Soul-Torn Champion. 

-> The Arcane Minion will chain cast Phased Explosion which will target a random player and then after a brief delay deal heavy damage there and teleport the minion. It should be locked down and killed quickly.
-> The Risen Arcanist casts Arcane Blitz at random players which can and should be interrupted.
-> Risen Archers just shoot random players. The attack can be line of sighted (use the walls) if you're low. They also cast Arrow Barrage from time to time. This hits a little further than its animation so it's best avoided by moving sideways out of it.
There are three separate pulls pictured here. The first two can be pulled together if you have exceptional AoE CC. 

-> The Risen Companion is quite dangerous because of its Bloodthirsty Leap cast (What is it with blizzard and adding cats that one shot you this expansion). The cast is instant but if you stun the kitty mid-jump then you won't take any damage. Ursol's Vortex (resto druid) has the same effect. If you can't interrupt the jump then spread out to avoid multiple people being hit.
Commander Shemdah'sohn (who named this?) will jump down and instantly aggro to the party immediately after the preceding pack is dead. She's just a slightly harder hitting Soul-Torn Champion and should be faced away from the party. Consider CC'ing one of the archers or scouts to reduce the amount of party damage going out.
You can use the pillars on the side of the wall to line of sight Archer shots if necessary.
There isn't much to say here. Don't get hit by boulders ok?
This is just a pack of tricksters who do pretty much nothing and can be safely AoE'd down.
Depending on where the Bladelord is on its patrol you may want to pull it along with the five tricksters.

-> The Bladelord's signature ability is Brutal Assault which does insanely high tank damage. The best way to deal with it is to stun him as he casts it. If that isn't available then he can be slowed, and the tank can run out of range.
-> The Bloodscent Felhound does nothing.

Once you've cleared the pat, move on to the Scavenger / Trickster pack. The tricksters have far less HP and you should keep this in mind during Bolstering.

The Scavengers will cast Drink Ancient Potion at some point which will give them a random buff. The possibilities are:
- A big cone of fire.
- Frenzy, which quintuples his size and makes him deal more and more single target damage over time.
- Hyperactive, which causes the scavenger to fly around the room knocking down anyone hit.
You can stun the cast to delay the buff but they'll chain cast it until they get one off.
Grab the Scavenger / Felhound pack from the room and kill them with the scavengers.
This is a tough pack, but it actually pulls in two groups. The Tricksters are separate from the Bladelords - just pull carefully.
Seriously, don't die.
The Trickster / Scavenger pack at the top of the stairs is somewhat special in that they won't fight back. They're still pretty inefficient to kill though and we don't need them for trash percentage. Pull the Dominator / bat pack back to the top of the stairs so that you're not in range of new bats reaching the bottom of the staircase.
Alright, the bat stairs are pretty terrible - especially on Necrotic weeks. I wish I had a secret strategy here that made them very easy but after the changes in 7.2 they're pretty much always a slog.

You've got two options:
- Pull the first two dominators (pictured below) and then jump off the staircase so that you can fight them without any new bats and reset before you go further.
- YOLO the entire staircase and just do it in as few pulls as possible, blowing all of your DPS / Healing cooldowns.

Either way, you need to interrupt every cast of Sic Bats! and every cast of Felfrenzy.
Pulling the two Dominators in the tunnel will stop any new bats from spawning. You might want to pull them through to Smashspites room so you have more room to play with.
-> Risen Lancers cast Raven's Dive which can be avoided easily. It'll target a random player so it's best to stay lightly spread to minimize movement.
-> Risen Swordsman cast Coup de Grace - it doesn't do anything special, just keep your tank topped up.
Consider pulling this pack with the next on the stairs.
Pull these into the next room to give yourself some space to dodge the Raven's Dive.

Trash ERT Note

Copy and paste this into the Exorsus Raid Tools Notes section. You can share it with your group.

|cffffff00Black Rook Hold Trash Path|r
Invis pot through to the first boss.
{skull}|cff8788eeAmalgam of Souls|r{skull}

Pull spiderlings in 1-2 packs.
Pull Rook Spinner
Pull Champion / Scout Patrol
Pull through the Great Hall. CC if necessary.
{cross}Commander Shemdah’sohn{cross}
Pull the archer / champion pack

Don’t die to boulders pt1
Pull through Wyrmtongue Hall.
Grab Hound / Scavenger from side room.
Don’t die to boulders pt2
Skip Wyrmtongue at top of stairs
Pull through Bat Stairs

Pull through Lancer / Swordsman packs
{skull}|cff8788eeLord Ravencrest|r{skull}



  • Amalgam of Souls

    Night elf souls merged together = weird birdlike thing

     Black Rook Hold: Amalgam of Souls

    Dungeon Journal+

    Swirling Scythe   Ground   Physical   Dodgeable

    Soul Echos   Ground   Shadow   Dodgeable

    Reap Soul   AoE   Shadow   Dodgeable

    Soul Burst   AoE   Shadow   Avoidance   Dodgeable


    You should know

    • Tip:  Soul Burst is only cast when all the Restless Soul are dead or the boss reaches 15%, whichever occurs first. If you have a Druid, they can  Entangling Roots to prevent one of the Restless Soul from moving, buying you more time to DPS while the boss sits .
    • Save all of your defensives for the Soul Burst attack. You’re looking at 6-7m raw damage for a 20 key.
    • The tank should pull the boss out of the centre of the room and toward one side. This gives the group more room to dodge Scythe / Soul Echos.

    Tanking Tips

    • Coming Soon!


    Healing Tips

    • A good group will leave you with literally nothing to heal here since the tank damage is low and 100% of the damage is avoidable except for Soul Burst which only hits once. This is a great opportunity to pull on your DPS gear and impress your team.
    • If you’re running with a few squishier DPS consider Ishkar’s Felshield Emitter to keep them alive through a Soul Burst one shot. Make sure you use externals like Pain Suppression / Ironbark here too.


  • Illysanna Ravencrest

    Trivia: The first female Demon Hunter

     Blackrook Hold: Illysanna

    Dungeon Journal+

    Brutal Glaive   Single Target   Physical   Debuff (DoT)  

    Dark Rush   Multi Target   Physical

    Blazing Trail (results from Dark Rush)  Ground   Fire   Dodgeable

    Vengeful Shear   Single Target   Physical

    Eye Beams / Felblazed Ground   Ground   Fire   Dodgeable

    Bonecrushing Strike (Soul-torn Vanguard)   AoE   Physical   Dodgeable

    Arcane Blitz (Risen Arcanist)   Single Target   Arcane   Interruptable


    You should know

    • Glaive Toss is targeted on a ranged DPS or healer and hits everyone in a 10 yard radius from that player. Spread out. It can be removed with Blessing of Protection and some immunities.
    • The eye beam does its damage through the Felblazed Ground it leaves underneath it. Kite it in a circle so that you don’t use up too much of the small-ish arena.
    • The Soul-torn vanguard isn’t very dangerous (though he casts a cone stun that you should avoid) but the Arcanist will pelt random party members for increasing damage and should be interrupted and then killed. On high keys you may still want to kill off the vanguard on behalf of your melee but it is a time saver to just cleave him down.
    • Blazing Trail really sucks, but can be roughly controlled. It’ll dart between three players leaving fire along the path. You want to minimize the distance travelled, and then move quickly enough that you take a maximum of one tick of the fire. Anyone still carrying a Glaive Toss DoT will need heavy healing.


    Tanking Tips

    • Coming Soon!


    Healing Tips

    • Blazing Trail is almost impossible to heal through so you’ll need your team to be on top of avoiding it.
    • Brutal Glaive hits like… you’d expect a Brutal Glaive to hit I guess. Make sure the debuff is displayed prominently on your healing frames and aim to keep them topped off. The debuff frequently overlaps with Dark Rush and if you keep them at full health they should be able to survive a tick of it.


  • Smashsmite the Hateful

    Why do all Mo’args have eye patches? What happens on their planet that is so dangerous to left eyes

     Black Rook Hold: Smashspite

    Dungeon Journal+

    Brutal Haymaker   Single Target   Physical

    Earthshaking Stomp   AoE   Physical   Avoidance

    Hateful Gaze   Single Target   Physical  

    Fel Vomit   Ground   Fire   Dodgeable


    You should know

    • Stack your party to one side of the platform to keep the Fel Vomitus (lovely name) grouped together. Stack up and move together from one side to the other. You’re doing this to make sure you don’t run out of space, and so you aren’t knocked into it during Earthshaking Stomp.
    • Hateful Gaze will target a random ranged DPS but can be intercepted by anyone in the party by standing directly in Smashspites path. To make sure you’ve got it lined up correctly it’s best to stand directly on the directional arrow below his character. Hateful Gaze is physical damage and you’ll want to chuck anyone with high armor or strong defensive cooldowns in the way. After you’ve taken one you’ll be stamped with a debuff to discourage taking the next couple so you’ll need a rotation.
    • Hateful Gaze can also be Dodged and Parried. Rogues with  Evasion will take no damage and a Feral Druid with  Protection of Ashamane will be able to take every  Earthshaking Stomp by shifting out of Cat Form for every one.
    • Earthshaking Stomp always follows Hateful Gaze and the healer should endeavor to make sure whoever took the blow is topped up.


    Tanking Tips

    • Coming Soon!


    Healing Tips

    • Top the party up before Earthshaking Stomp since on higher keys it can easily deal 90% of your HP bar or more.
    • Watch the bosses energy bar. When it hits 100 he’ll cast Brutal Haymaker and try to turn your tank into cheese. Use your cooldowns and keep them at full health.


  • Lord Ravencrest

    Illysanna’s Daddy

     Black Rook Hold: Lord Ravencrest

    Dungeon Journal+

    Ravencrest Phase

    Unerring Shear   Single Target   Physical   

    Whirling Blade  AoE   Physical   Dodgeable

    Shadow Bolt   Single Target   Shadow   

    Dark Blast   Ground   Shadow   Dodgeable

    Dantalionax Phase

    Shadowbolt Volley   AoE   Shadow   Avoidance   

    Dark Obliteration   Ground   Shadow   Dodgeable

    Cloud of Hypnosis   Ground   Debuff (Magic)   

    Stinging Swarm   Single Target   Physical  


    You should know

    Phase 1 (Ravencrest Phase)
    • Unerring Shear is on a timer and absolutely craps on the tank. They’ll need to be topped up before and after it hits. It also leaves a pretty annoying DoT so you’ll want to blow through this phase as quickly as you can. The DoT can be removed with Blessing of Protection or Divine Shield if available during the phase transition.
    • Whirling Blade will target a player and then spin slowly toward them, chunking anyone in its path. They’re unlikely to one shot you but you’ll need to dodge them all the same.
    • Latosius (seriously, the names in this place) will pelt your party with Shadow Bolts from above, occasionally stopping to throw out a Dark Blast as a preview for the next phase. You can mostly ignore him.
    Phase 2 (Dantalionax Phase)
    • You’re going to get a huge buff to your health, damage and healing to get you through this phase but unfortunately it’s running late and so you have to take the first Shadowbolt Volley without it. This occurs about 10 seconds into the phase and is highly likely to one shot anyone without an active defensive up. Your healer needs to have the party at 100% life before it hits; don’t lose anyone to this. Anyone who dies to this cannot be battle ressed (since they won’t get the buff). You CAN battle res anyone who survives this and dies to a later mechanic.
    • DoTs continue to tick while he’s away chucking beams. He’s away for about 23 seconds so you’ll want to refresh them.
    • The first Swarm will go out shortly after the Shadowbolt Volley and this person will need immediate healing. Run the Swarms into melee so that the boss is getting cleaved as you kill them. Particular priority goes to swarms that go out just before the Dark Obliteration comes down since trying to dodge the big beam while covered in bees is like running in heels.
    • Healers, you can dispel anyone that stands in a Cloud but be sure to use a disapproving tone.
    • Since 7.2.5 the beam will now travel in a random direction but won’t change directions once it’s started moving. The initial line is targeted at a random player, but stacking is unnecessary. Dying to the beam is #6 on the “Dumb ways to Die” scoreboard.


    Tanking Tips

    • Coming Soon!


    Healing Tips

    • The tank gets shanked in phase 1 – especially near the end with a few Unerring Shear stacks. Unerring Shear is on a timer so watch it carefully (LittleWigs is great as always) and make sure your tank has a full health bar when it hits.
    • There’s no non-tank damage for 5-6 seconds before the all-important first Shadowbolt Volley. Use that time to make sure your group is topped and that your personal cooldowns are ready to go.
    • Swarm targets will get crushed and they should use any defensives available. Prep for it and make sure you’re using your maximum single target throughput rotation. Avoid standing near clouds to avoid unnecessary movement.


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