Halls of Valor Mythic+ Guide

Instance Breakdown

Recommended Comp for high keys: Bring stun effects and at least one or two long CCs that can be used on humanoids. Halls of Valor is much less dangerous if you can reduce the size of the bigger packs.
Instance Timer: 45:00
Average # Mobs per pack: 2.5



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Trash ERT Note

Copy and paste this into the Exorsus Raid Tools Notes section. You can share it with your group.

|cffffff00Halls of Valor Trash Path|r
Pull through to Hymdall – save cooldowns for Storm Drake

SKIP the patrolling Sentinel
Pull the three pack to the left or right.
Pull the six pack – remember to CC
Pull the Sentinel patrol
Pull the four pack in middle of room. Can LoS.
Pull double Stormforged Sentinel.
Walk toward Hyrja on the right hand side of the tables
Pull Shieldmaiden / Purifier packs.
SKIP Aspirant pack. Hug the left or right wall.
{cross}Solsten & Olmyr{cross}


Run back through the hall toward Fenryr on the left side.
Pull the two packs on the left, and right-hand side pack near the door.
SKIP everything between yourself and Fenryr except for one Bull.
{cross}Fenryr Part 1{cross}
Pull triple Worgs on the left
Pull single Worg on the left

Don’t mount up. Run back through hall and up the bridge.
{cross}Ranulf -> Tor -> Bjorn / Haldor{cross}
{skull}|cff8788eeGod King Skovald|r{skull}




  • Hymdall

    In which your healer will die to Storm Drakes 7/8 attempts

    Halls of Valor: Hymdall

    Dungeon Journal+

    Dancing Blade   Ground   Physical   Dodgeable

    Bloodletting Sweep   AoE   Physical   ✔Dodgeable (except tank)

    Horn of Valor   AoE   Physical   ✔Avoidance

    Static Field (Storm Drake)   Ground   Nature   ✔Dodgeable

    Ball Lightning (Storm Drake)   Ground   Nature   ✔Dodgeable


    You should know

    • Alright, Storm Drakes are going to responsible for almost all of your wipes on this boss and it’s unnecessary. You’ll get three storm drakes after every Horn of Valor. Start off in the middle:
      • If the first drake is in the back or front sections then wait until the static field fades and then move into that section. You’ll need to do this very quickly. Dodge the Ball Lightnings but you’re otherwise safe.
      • If the first drake is in the middle, move to the front or back and then back to the middle as soon as it clears.
      • The tank should be facing Heimdall away from the party as you do this to avoid cleaving the party.
      • If you’re on voice then it can be helpful to have one player call the drakes so the rest of the party can focus on killing the boss.
    • Ranged should stand on the other side of the platform to the melee. Dancing Blade only targets ranged DPS and healers so staying far from the boss will maximise your available space.
  • Hyrja

    Ohhh the hate I have for this boss

    Halls of Valor: Hyrja

    Dungeon Journal+

    Arcing Bolt   AoE   Nature

    Eye of the Storm   AoE   Nature   ✔Avoidance

    Expel Light   AoE   Holy   ✔Avoidance

    Sanctify   Ground   Holy   ✔Dodgeable

    Shield of Light   AoE   Holy   ✔Dodgeable (except tank)


    You should know

    • Start on the Eye of the Storm side and use Shield of Light casts to quickly move across the platform.
    • Avoidance gear applies before the Eye of the Storm damage reduction. This makes it much more powerful than it already would be for the fight since at 20% Avoidance you’re reducing the power of the ability by 25-35%. You still don’t want to drop a lot of damage or healing for it or anything, but if you can move a couple of pieces around for a trivial loss then it’s worth it – especially considering it also reduces damage taken by the very dangerous Expel Light debuff.
    • Arcing Bolt has a cast time and Hyrja will target the player while she’s casting. This is your window to use a defensive cooldown if you’re not above 80% HP, or if you have the Expel Light debuff on you. This fight is not all on your healer! The damage is actually quite predictable and you need to actively be using your defensive cooldowns when you’re in danger. The weak aura below will flash when you’re targeted by Arcing Bolt which is responsible for most deaths.
    • [Healers] Keep your party topped off at all times, and plan out your cooldown usage for Eye of the Storms. You’re likely to have to deal with 2-3 of them on high keys and you need a cooldown for all of them. You can expect about 60 seconds between them. You need your party to be topped coming out of the Eye since an Arcing Bolt always follows. Consider running Felshield Emitter to save one of your DPS (or yourself!) from a nasty Expel Light / Arcing Bolt overlap.



    • You can flip Hyrja at the start of the fight to bug her out and force her to cast the wrong spells on the wrong side of her room. This means that Eye of the Storm deals heavily reduced, almost pathetic damage. This isn’t easy to pull off and if you’re a tank you’ll want to practice this one thoroughly before you bring it to a high key. TheThoroughTank has a comprehensive walk through of the flip here.


    Weak Auras


  • Fenryr

    If we wait until Ragnarok will Fenryr kill Odyn for us?

    Halls of Valor: Fenryr

    Dungeon Journal+

    Ravenous Leap   AoE   Nature   ✔Avoidance   ✔Dodgeable

    Scent of Blood   Single Target   Debuff

    Unnerving Howl   AoE  

    Claw Frenzy   AoE   Physical   ✔Avoidance   ✔Dodgeable*


    You should know

    • You can pop immunities when targeted by Scent of Blood to keep the boss still. Blessing of Protection also works (and will remove Leap stacks).
    • Everyone must be 10 yards apart when Ravenous Leap is cast. The leap itself deals very little damage, but it stacks a deadly DoT that adds up quickly. If you’re stacked you’ll get multiple stacks at a time and as a healer I can’t condone that.
    • Claw Frenzy hits everyone standing close to the boss but the damage is split between all targets. Your tank shouldn’t really be taking this one alone, so you’ll need at least one to two other allies near the boss. Melee are the best candidates but if you’re ranged heavy then anyone can do the job. It’s physical but ignores armor.
    • Three Ebonclaw Packmates are summoned after every Unnerving Howl cast. They should be picked up by the tank and cleaved down. You may want to hard focus / CC them during Necrotic weeks.



    • You can Shadowmeld or blink to dodge Ravenous Leap when targeted. Blink will save you from getting a stack of the bleed but Shadowmeld will stop the rest of the leap entirely. If you’re horde? You get the best M+ racial in the game. Let the Alliance have this small win.


  • God-King Skovald

    Urgh so much RP

    Halls of Valor: Skovald

    Dungeon Journal+

    Felblaze Rush   AoE   Fire   ✔Avoidance   ✔Dodgeable

    Savage Blade   Single Target   Physical

    Ragnarok   AoE   Fire   ✔Avoidance   ✔Dodgeable

    Infernal Flames  (Flame of Woe)   Ground   Fire  Dodgeable


    You should know

    • The Felblaze rush is incredibly dangerous but also completely avoidable. It hits in a 10 yard area of effect at the position you were standing as the cast finished.
    • If you are a melee heavy or low mobility group you can tank Skovald near Odyns chair, and stand behind it during the Felblaze Rush cast to avoid the damage. Ranged can stand at max range and sprint out of it as its cast. You pretty much need a mobility cooldown of some kind to do this reliably.
    • [Tank] Use the Aegis 1 second into Ragnarok. You’ll still absorb the full channel, but you’ll also absorb a Felblaze Rush which has a 50% chance of following Ragnarok. This is particularly important since this Felblaze Rush is very hard to dodge so soon after everyone is stacked for Ragnarok.


    Weak Auras


  • Odyn

    Odyn is totally up to something, even if it takes until WoW’s 9th expansion to resolve it

    Halls of Valor: Odyn

    Dungeon Journal+

    Radiant Tempest   AoE   Holy   ✔Dodgeable

    Runic Brand   Single Target   Holy

    Spear of Light   Ground   Holy   ✔Dodgeable

    Shatter Spears

    Surge (Stormforged Obliterator)   AoE   Nature   ✔Interruptable


    You should know

    • Odyn is an incredibly easy fight, so long as you have full control over the Stormforged Obliterators.
    • You don’t technically die during the fight, you merely get escorted from the fight arena if you hit 0% health. This means that anything that procs on death is useless (Purgatory, Battle resses and more).
    • The most dangerous part of the fight is the Stormforged Obliterator overlapping with the Radiant Tempest (which pulls you in and must be run out of). Use stuns / long range interrupts / stuns on the add to manage this. The cast time of Surge is halved every time he gets one off so the fight is lost very quickly if he starts casting successfully. Almost every spec in the game can interrupt or CC the cast in some way. Take responsibility. 
    • Save your DPS cooldowns for the Branded buff.