Court of Stars Mythic+ Guide

Instance Breakdown

Recommended Comp for high keys: You need at least two AoE CC’s or silences for the various imp packs throughout Court of Stars. High AoE DPS is similarly recommended.
Instance Timer: 30:00
Average # Mobs per pack: 3.3


Usable Items

Court of Stars: Buff Items
You will be assigned one Offensive Buff item, one Defensive Buff item and one utility item every Court of Stars run.


Court of Stars: Distractions
The Discarded Junk will also kill the mini boss it summons if you drag them into it. You can no longer drag two mini-bosses into the same trap.



Click the arrows to navigate through the Court of Stars trash path.

There are no current methods of getting around the lantern click and associated boat ride so enjoy it.

It's a little harder to designate an optimal trash path for Court of Stars since there's high variance between individual dungeon runs. Enforcers can spawn in multiple places, there's a variety of different buffs you'll want to pick up and different ways to distract Talixae's lovely assistants. We'll clear only the compulsory mobs heading through to Gerdo, along with an extra wyrm pack then once you make it to the courtyard you're mostly just clearing what you need and then an extra pack or two at the end to hit 100% if necessary.
The first mob you meet is alone but can't easily be pulled into any other packs so as inefficient as it is, you're usually best just killing him as quickly as you can.
Wait for the tank to pull the Duskwatch Sentry since he'll throw his torch immediately upon being aggro'd and it deals significant damage. Warriors can spell reflect it. Use slows, stuns and Death Grips to stop the Sentry making it to the pylon. Kill the Mana Wyrms last, or AoE them down. Destroy the pylon, taking care not to pull the Mana Saber pack.
We're going to skip the Guardian Construct on the bridge by jumping over the stream to the right of him. Remember to dismiss your pets before you do so.
Pull the Guardian Construct onto the bridge behind him. You don't need to interrupt Charging Station since the heal only effects nearby mobs, not the Construct itself. 

Next, grab the Sentry along with one or both Wyrm packs (depending on the instance level). The Duskwatch Guard does a frontal cleave attack, and the Wyrms explode when they die. Take care to avoid both mechanics.
Destroy the pylon and then pick up the pack on the bridge along with the sentry to the left. The Mana Saber will leap to random allies with Mana Fang but will stop if stunned during the leap. The debuff it leaves behind is magic and should be dispelled. Spread around to avoid multiple people being hit.
Interrupt all charging stations and kill the Guardian Construct first. Don't pull anything else in the room, but disable the three beacons and poison the vial in the middle of the room. After Gerdo is dead kill the Guardian Construct up the stairs. He'll follow you through the building and kiting him can be quicker than standing and killing him if your group has high mobility. If you've de-activated the Guardian Constructs then you can just skip him.
All imp packs need to be locked down with hard CC since on high keys a single set of casts can be deadly. They have two spells: Firebolt and the often more dangerous Drifting Embers. If you're horde then Arcane Torrent is fantastic at interrupting a full set of imps since it doesn't share any diminishing returns with your stuns.

This pack in particular also features the first Watchful Inquisitor. You need to stun him at the start of his Eye Storm cast and single target interrupt Searing Glare where possible. Eye Storm is definitely the priority.
Grab the Mistress / Hound pack first. They deal moderate tank damage but are otherwise nothing special. Interrupt or dispel bewitch to avoid the DPS loss.

Next, grab the Blazing Imp pack from its patrol. These are often the most dangerous packs in Court of Stars since they have a habit of sneaking up on you. There are eight in the pack and similarly to the last imp pack you must keep them locked down. If you are controlling the pack correctly then the healer can spend this pack DPS'ing in the interest of killing them before your stuns hit diminishing returns.
The Felbound Enforcer can spawn in four different locations, one of which is pictured below. Take care not to pull it with the Inquisitor pack since they're an annoying combination. Enforcers should be tanked near corners so that your DPS and healers can line of sight the Fel Detonation cast (think of your poor healer).
It's usually in your best interest to take out the patrolling imp packs as soon as possible since they're very quick and have a bad habit of bursting in while you're working on another pack.
The inquisitor / Mistress pack is pretty easy, and can be pulled with one of Talixae's advisors if you need the additional trash. They also guard the damage reduction buff (a book, not pictured).
The Hound / Mistress pack to the left are an easy 5% if required. The Construct / Inquisitor pack on the bridge is not recommended for high keys.
The game is most efficiently played by having your fastest players (stand up, Druids) beeline upstairs for any clues while slower members of your party grab the clue by the door. You can start looking for the right guest at 2-3 clues usually. If you pick up all five then Prot paladins and Demon Hunters can use Truthguard / Spectral Sight to find it but this is often slower than is necessary. Little Wigs, DBM and Gotta Go Fast all automatically post clues to chat.

Beware the 'Potions' clue. They're often hiding under the cape, or inside the guest's torso. 

Be very aware of how much time you have remaining. Having everyone guess early / immediately is not a good idea, but if you've got 3:30 left on the clock you might not have time for much else.
Unfortunately Gerenth the Vile burst into flames before I could take a picture of him. Demons...

Face him away from the party, dispel Cripple and make sure you're topped off between Shadow Bolt Volleys. He's not very difficult. Make sure you pick up the keys after he's dead. Having somebody run back to the door early is not a time saver since it doesn't change the timing of the RP.

Trash ERT Note

Copy and paste this into the Exorsus Raid Tools Notes section. You can share it with your group.

|cffffff00Court of Stars Trash Path|r
Romantic Boat Ride.
Pull Guard.
Let tank pull Sentry.
Jump over the river to the right of bridge.
Pull Guardian Construct.
Pull patrolling Sentry.
Pull both Wyrm packs.
Pull bridge patrol.
Pull Sentry standing by house.
Pull Guardian Construct, Bound Energy pack.

Pull Guardian Construct on stairs.
Run through house. Speed gear is good.
Pull Inquisitor / Imp pack.
Pull Mistress / Hound pack.
Find Imp patrol and murder them.

Hunt Enforcers while watching for imp pats.
Grab packs as required for buffs.
Grab packs required for 100% trash when three mini-bosses dead.

Find Spy. Send fastest people upstairs.



  • Patrol Captain Gerdo

    Poisoning the flask is essential. Luckily, 5/5 group members are running Alchemy.

    Court of Stars: Gerdo

    Dungeon Journal+

    Arcane Lockdown  Multi Target   Debuff (Magic, DoT)  ✔Dispellable

    Resonant Slash   Ground   Arcane   ✔Dodgeable

    Streetsweeper   Ground   Arcane  ✔Dodgeable

    Signal Beacon   Summon Effect

    Hinder (Vigilant Duskwatch)   Single Target   Debuff (Magic, Stun)   ✔Dispellable


    You should know

    • Gerdo is frequently buggy and Resonant Slash / Streetsweeper do not always line up that well with the marks on the ground. They also sometimes rotate around at the last second. Make sure you give them a wide berth and have the tank keep the boss as still as possible. Blizzard have hypothetically fixed this but it’s persisted through hotfixes in the future so take care.
    • Disabling the beacons risks extending the conversation before you can pull the last boss so it’s best to leave one up. The Vigilant Duskwatch adds are humanoid and can be CC’d by several classes.
    • Arcane Lockdown can be removed by Druid shapeshift and Blessing of Freedom. It can also be dispelled.
    • After poisoning the flask the boss dies soon after hitting 25% health. You can move ahead at this point, you don’t have to wait for him to die.


    Tanking Tips

    • Coming Soon!


    Healing Tips

    • There isn’t really much damage going out during the fight so contribute by cheer-leading for the rest of your team (and maybe throw in some damage of your own).
    • Dispelling the Arcane Lockdown debuff on one person will give them more time to DPS. Pick your favorite ranged damage dealer.


  • Talixae Flamewreath

    You brought AoE CC… right?

     Court of Stars: Talixae

    Dungeon Journal+

    Burning Intensity   AoE   Fire   ✔Avoidance  

    Infernal Eruption   Ground   Fire   ✔Avoidance   ✔Dodgeable

    Withering Soul   AoE   Debuff (Magic, -Max HP & Slow)   ✔Interruptable   ✔Dispellable


    You should know

    • Get your CC’s in order before the fight starts. On a high Court of Stars key you’re going to need at least two AoE interrupts for the imps and you want to avoid as much overlap as possible. Even a pug group can coordinate a couple stuns.
    • Stack on top of each other before Infernal Eruption is cast. This will group up the imp spawns and make them easy to AoE down.
    • Withering Soul can be interrupted and you should do so. The healer will already be maxed just keeping up with the Burning Intensity damage. The tank is an ideal interrupt candidate.
    • [Advanced] You can pull Talixae while one of her bodyguards is still alive with a Hunter or Rogue and then Feign Death / Vanish to reset the boss. The bodyguard doesn’t disappear with her and so you can pull it alone and kill it separately thus forgoing the need to kill the last Enforcer.


    Tanking Tips

    • Coming Soon!


    Healing Tips

    • Talixae is the highest persistent damage fight in the game, rivaled only by Moroes and on higher keys you can expect to heal upwards of 2.5m HPS to keep your party alive. The damage ramps up the longer the fight goes on.
    • That being said, if the imps are interrupted correctly the damage is predictable and not usually difficult to heal. Use your highest throughput AoE legendaries / rotation and call for your DPS to use defensives if you fall behind.
    • Use your cooldowns regularly, don’t wait to fall behind. You can get 2-3 uses of 1.5 minute cooldowns on higher keys.
    • The Withering Soul debuff is -10% MaxHP per stack and isn’t usually worth dispelling on everyone unless you’re a priest with mass dispel. Ideally it’s interrupted always but if one gets through it’s often best to just deal with the reduced HP and minor slow.


  • Melandrus

    You brought a good healer… right?

    Court of Stars: Melandrus

    Dungeon Journal+

    Blade Surge   Ground   Physical   ✔Dodgeable

    Piercing Gale   Ground   Physical   ✔Dodgeable

    Slicing Maelstrom   AoE   Physical   ✔Avoidance 


    You should know

    • An image is left every time the boss completes his Blade Surge cast. You can therefore stack the images up giving you more room to avoid them. It’s pretty hard to do this perfectly while also dodging the little stun clouds but at least try and keep them all in the same quarter of the room. Blade Surge will target a ranged DPS or healer at random and distance from Melandrus is no longer a factor.
    • You’ll take significantly less damage from Slicing Maelstrom if you’re not standing on top of any images.
    • The entirety of the fights damage is physical, so make use of Bear Forms and Blessing of Protections.
    • The maximum number of <Image of Melandrus> is eight. The damage stops scaling up at this point.
    • This is a really great fight for Avoidance gear and if you can pick up 10-15% without dropping much damage or healing then you should do so. Prydaz is also key.


    Tanking Tips

    • Coming Soon!


    Healing Tips

    • Up there with Hyrja and Shade of Xavius in being the toughest fights to heal.
    • The damage is entirely focused in five second AoE burst windows that deal more and more damage as the fight goes on (before plateauing). Pick your gear, your legendaries, your strategy around maximising your healing during these short windows. Your overall throughput doesn’t matter – only the five second windows.
    • Consider wearing Sephuz for the fight and having the tank walk into a cloud a few seconds before each Slicing Maelstrom. You can dispel them and have the proc active for the entire Maelstrom. Usually up for every second.
    • The tank can usually self-sustain through the damage so save your mana / GCD’s by ignoring them in favor of yourself / your DPS.
    • There’s ~25 seconds between each Slicing Maelstrom.



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