Upper Kara Mythic+ Guide

Instance Breakdown

Recommended Comp for high keys: For high tyrannical Upper Kara keys bring multiple immunities for Mana Devourer (2+ is recommended) and at least 2-3 low cooldown interrupts for Medivh.
Instance Timer: 35:00
Average # Mobs per pack: 2.2



Click the arrows to navigate through the trash path.

The first two mobs of the instance are both Forlorn Spirits which mostly deal tank damage. Pull them together and dispel any Shadow Rend casts that go out.
Are these stairs or elaborate little bridges?
The Shrieking Terror will put a nasty curse on a random party member (Cursed Touch) which actually does a lot of damage on higher keys. It should be decursed if possible, or healed through if not. Interrupt Terrifying Wail.
Stick to the left and pull just the one damaged golem. Avoid the puddles on the floor.

The Abstract Nullifier is up next and he has just one interesting ability: Nullification. It silences you until you can find your 'energies' which will appear somewhere around the room as a big purple puddle. Once you do you'll get a huge damage buff. Your energies will stick around for 30 seconds and if the mob is nearly dead you might consider waiting for the tank to bring back the next pack before you pick it up so that you can maximise its value.
You usually only want to pull one of these packs at a time since Arcane Barrage deals heavy AoE damage and can't be interrupted until you burn through the Mana Confluences mana shield. Pull the packs back into the previous room so that you can use the wall to line of sight the Barrage casts. 

Consider pulling Curator early then dragging him out of the room to reset him. This gives you easier access to the mobs at the back of his room and reduces the chance of an accidental boss pull. He'll respawn after 30 seconds or so. You can do this multiple times.
Wait until the Pyromancer patrols to the right and then run past him. We don't want to pull any mobs here. 

You can actually just run through him even if he pulls since he has a short leash and will reset (but try to avoid pulling him at all if possible).
The Flamebringer is a buggy mob that will occasionally get stuck in the floor. You can pull him up the tunnel toward Medivh to avoid the flame tiles but honestly it's almost always best to just fight him in his little room to avoid evade bugs. The tiles will light up in a number of different formations and you should be quick to move. He also cleaves so watch out for that.
We'll pull only the spider since it patrols pretty close to the boss. It actually deals a lot of tank damage, and you'll need to dispel Leech Life quickly.

The Mana Devourer boss actually gives you trash percentage in a cute nod to the fact that it's well... a trash mob.
Don't walk through the middle of the room.

Pick a side and make your way around the room in a clockwise or counter-clockwise fashion pulling no more than two packs at a time. You need to catch the orbs that the Mana Devourers throw out. If you catch them, you get a nice damage buff. If they catch them, you take damage. It's a good incentive.
We need four packs total here.
The Erudite Slayer is a bit of a tricky mob that will use Mighty Swing to flick the tank off the platform. Make sure your back is to the bridge and that no other party members are too close to the mob. It'll also drop a Heavy Smash that'll draw you in. It's harmless alone and all part of the Slayer's plot to throw one of you from the tower.

The Pyromancer has a few tricks up his sleeve too. He'll summon a pair of Fel Bombs. You need to soak these to absorb their power and you'll take pretty high damage in doing so.
Urgh the worst kind of Chess. I don't have a super secret strat that won't make this a drawn-out bore but we can at least make sure we're doing a few basics right.

- The Knight and Bishop pieces have the least HP and should be priority targets. 
- The pieces don't heal back to full at any point, and so you can make use of cleave / multi-dots to quicken the process along. There is nothing to heal so the healer should contribute damage.
- When a piece dies, the king will become vulnerable for 20 seconds. Make the most of this window.
- The pieces all move like regular chess pieces and the spaces they will hit glow before lighting up and one shotting you. It's best to stand in a spot where you're not vulnerable to any of the pieces moves. This is either very easy, or very difficult depending on how well you know the game of Chess. You really can't die here - it's a long walk back and you'll drag out the fight even longer.

Trash ERT Note

Copy and paste this into the Exorsus Raid Tools Notes section. You can share it with your group.

|cffffff00Upper Kara Trash Path|r
Pull the first two Forlorn Spirits together
Run upstairs, kill Shrieking Terror
Kill Damaged Golem on the left
Kill Abstract Nullifier
Kill Mana Confluences (LoS)

Skip Infused Pyromancer
Kill Wrathguard Flamebringer

Kill the Spider closest to Mana devourer
{skull}|cff8788eeMana Devourer|r{skull}

Kill four devourer packs (run clockwise)
Skip Fel Bats
Kill Erudite Slayer
Kill Infused Pyromancer (soak orbs)



  • The Curator

    The Curator is here to give you hope that you might finish the instance in time

     Upper Kara: Curator

    Dungeon Journal+

    Power Discharge   Ground   ✔Dodgeable

    Summon Volatile Energy   Summon Effect

    Arc Lightning (Volatile Energy)   Single Target   Arcane

    Static Charge (Volatile Energy)   AoE (8 yards)  Arcane  


    Overload   AoE   Arcane   ✔Avoidance  


    You should know

    • You can reset Curator by running out of the room. It can be helpful to do this while you clear the trash in his room. His respawn timer is pretty quick.
    • There is a pretty simple way to beat Curator, but it requires very good play and a ton of heals.
      • Stack on Curators bum and DPS the boss.
      • When a Volatile Energy spawns, stay stacked and DPS it down. You’ll all get hit by Static Charge, but the Energy will always be in range of your melee maximising your DPS time. The incoming damage is moderately high, but a good healer won’t have any troubles – even on a 20+ key.
      • When Curator casts Power Discharge (purple swirl on the floor) your entire party moves in one direction until they’re cleanly out of it and then you resume your stack. The Power Discharge is timed reliably by DBM and Little Wigs and you should use the timer since the animation for Static Charge looks similar.
      • Continue this cycle until the boss is dead. This strategy is incredibly space efficient and you’ll find that you aren’t even half way around the room when the boss dies, you just have to move correctly for Power Discharge since if you lag behind you’re very likely to die.
      • Variation: You can run this same strategy but with your party in a straight line across the bosses bum. It’s slightly less efficient space-wise but it’s a little safer since somebody moving a little early won’t kill the rest of the party.
    • Evocation is always followed by Overload which deals more damage for every Evocation you’ve had so far. The first is rarely dangerous, but the second will one shot you if you don’t have a cooldown up (on a high enough key).
  • Medivh

    This boss is like a 10/10 in difficulty, but you get to minus one for every good interrupt you brought

     Upper Kara: Shade of Medivh

    Dungeon Journal+

    Inferno Bolt   Single Target   Fire   Debuff (DoT)   ✔Interruptable   ✔Dodgeable (difficult)

    Frostbite  Single Target   Frost   Debuff (Stun)   ✔Interruptable

    Piercing Missiles   Single Target   Arcane   ✔Interruptable

    Ultimate Abilities

    Flame Wreath   Two Targets   Fire   Debuff (DoT)

    Ceaseless Winter   AoE   Frost   

    Guardian’s Image   Summon Effect

    Shimmer (Guardian’s Image)   AoE   Arcane   ✔Avoidance

    Arcane Bolt (Guardian’s Image)   Single Target   Arcane   ✔Interruptable


    You should know

    • Every time Medivh hits full mana he’ll cast one of his ‘ultimate’ abilities at random. The ability chosen has nothing to do with which spells you interrupt and you will get all three before he repeats any.
    • Flame Wreath will explode if the afflicted moves, if anyone else moves into the circle, or if they die. You can still jump (useful information).
    • Piercing Missiles is priority interrupt, followed by Frostbite. Inferno bolt is only dangerous if it targets the same player twice in a row (since the DoT stacks) but you can otherwise let him cast.
    • During Ceaseless Winter, continue moving to avoid taking any damage. If you’re in a frost block then you won’t take damage (don’t make a strategy out of this though!)
    • The healing requirement for this fight is very very high, even when played correctly. Help your healer by making full use of your defensive cooldowns – especially if you are targeted by Flame Wreath.
    • During the Guardian’s Image spell, DoT up all three birds (are they birds?) then focus them down one at a time as a party. Make sure you’re all attacking the same target.



    • You can dodge Inferno Bolt with blinks / displacement effects by waiting until the fireball has left his hand and then using your mobility cooldown. This works because Inferno Bolt targets the ground where you were standing rather than the player.


  • Mana Devourer

    This boss is like a 10/10 in difficulty, but you get to minus one for immunity you brought

     Upper Kara: Mana Devourer

    Dungeon Journal+

    Arcane Bomb   Ground   Arcane   ✔Dodgeable

    Unstable Mana   Ground   Arcane   Debuff (DoT, removed by standing in Energy Void)   

    Energy Void   Ground   Shadow

    Energy Discharge   AoE   Arcane   ✔Avoidance


    You should know

    • Unstable Mana ticks every 3 seconds, however Energy Void removes a stack of Unstable Mana every 1 second. Therefore if you pick up an orb close to a void you can drop it off without ever taking damage from it. Unfortunately the Energy Void itself still deals crushing damage so you’ll want to be careful how many orbs you pick up.
    • Have your immunity classes pick up as many orbs as possible and then blow their immunity (the order you do this in does depend on the particular immunity). With everyone else picking up an orb each the immuner basically takes care of the entire wave themselves. Battle resses can be used in a similar way with an ally making a brave sacrifice while grabbing as many orbs as possible and then getting battle ressed. Even if you can’t res them, sacrificing someone may still be worth it if the boss is lower than 15% or so.
    • On high keys you just can’t expect each person to grab more than 1-2 orbs each per wave without dying to the combination of Unstable Mana DoT, Energy Void and Energy Discharge which will buy you about 4-5 waves of orbs total.
    • This is a fantastic boss to use Heroism / Bloodlust on if you’re light on immunities.
  • Viz’aduum the Watcher

    I write this in memory of my friend who spent 4 hours on this boss

    Upper Kara: Viz'aduum

    Dungeon Journal+

    Burning Blast   Single Target   Fire   Debuff (Magic, DoT)   ✔Dispellable   ✔Interruptable

    Disintegrate   AoE   Fire   ✔Dodgeable

    Chaotic Shadows   Multi Target   Shadow   Debuff (Magic, DoT)   ✔Dispellable

    Fel Beam   AoE   Fire   ✔Dodgeable

    Soul Harvest   Ground   Fire   ✔Dodgeable

    Stabilize Rift   Summon   ✔Interruptable

    Blazing Hamstring (Felguard Sentry)   Single Target   Fire   Debuff (Magic, DoT, Slow)   ✔Dispellable


    You should know

    • Burning Blast should be interrupted or dispelled. It’s the only thing to interrupt for most of the fight and your healers dispels need to be saved for Chaotic Shadows.
    • In phase 3 Stabilize Rift is a 30 second cast and there is no advantage to interrupting it early. Take care of the Felguard Sentry packs and move slowly down the ship if necessary. You (hopefully) don’t need to rush this phase. Sentrys can be stunned, slowed and knocked back to ease the pressure on your tank.
    • Save heroism / bloodlust for phase 3.
    • The number of Chaotic Shadows debuffs that go out increases during each phase. The DoT portion of the debuff is dangerous and the healer can only dispel one person at a time so use your defensive cooldowns if you’re afflicted. All party members should be spread at all times so that a quick dispel doesn’t end with an orb exploding.



    • You can skip all phase 2 mechanics by standing outside the bosses circle and dodging his Disintegrate beams. Melee DPS will have nothing to do but it does make the fight much safer and since there’s nothing to avoid your ranged DPS will deal much more damage. The boss will target the beams on the tank and so they should stand away from the DPS. This picture better demonstrates:

    Viz'aduum Phase 2 Skip



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